So 17.07.1960, nachmittags, City High School
Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA

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Source transcript: VOGR

Thank you Brother ...?... Thank you very much. Thank you ...?... That just makes me feel double welcome. I certainly do appreciate that. And I have, in behalf of Brother Borders, and Brother Mercier, Brother Goad, Billy Paul, myself, we want to say that this has been a great meeting for us. I have not had a meeting, in I don’t know when, that the Holy Spirit seemed to just give liberty to anything almost, and great liberty to speak. And ministers know what that means. Such a cooperation behind you, in front of you...

And it’s just too bad that we didn’t have the whole city around to see what the Lord did. But He never... I... The Holy Spirit giving visions around over the building so swiftly, till honestly, I’d have to turn my head sometimes, till I’d just get strength enough to go on a little farther. Your—your faith to believe, now, never let it die.

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Now, we want to thank the school for letting us have this auditorium. We want to thank the custodian here, the caretaker, and all the school board. And we certainly pray that God will turn out many famous students from this school here. And all the people that cooperated, to our sponsors, and the ones who cooperated, to all the laity for helping us meet our expenses... I think everything was met. And that’s all that’s required, just the expenses being met. That’s all we need. And myself, I get a—a salary.

I want to thank you for the love offerings and the missionary offering that you taken. That goes straight to that fund. I don’t even know, never look at any money at all in the meetings. My secretary takes care of that. It’s all banked and put away, building up till I get enough to go overseas.

Then when I go overseas, to be sure that the money goes right, I take it myself. And I minister with the ministry that’s been right in here to you all, all around the world. And someday, over there in the other land, where they will be, well, millions will be gathering, because of your cooperation to help send me other places... I trust that there’ll be tens of thousands of heathens that would’ve never knowed Jesus Christ except you would’ve helped me go.

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Now, maybe you, God never called you to go. But you sacrificed some of your living so I could go. And I go do everything I can, and promise you, by the grace of God, every penny of it will be spent just as reverently as it could be. Even from the little thirteen cents from my little sweetheart last night that gave us into the largest sum of money will be well taken care of and spent to the best of our knowledge.

Now, our trustees at the church, one of them is setting present right now, Mr. Sothmann back there. And the others are fine, Christian men, like he. And they see to that that this finances goes exactly to what it’s sent for. It goes to the foreign missions to help build the Kingdom of God. In there, when I go in... You say, “Well, I belong to the Assemblies.”

The next say, “Well, I belong to the Foursquare.”

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Remember, my brother, sister, that money goes right into your church over there too, because I don’t represent any certain denominations. They all gather like they do here. See? And—and when the converts come, why every church they want to go to, it doesn’t matter to us. Just so they’re full Gospel born again Christians. And so, that way we—we do everything we can reverently, knowing that we’ll have to answer from the least little gift until the highest at the day of the judgment. And I want to be found a good steward of the Lord’s business at that day.

And we certainly thank each and every one of you for all you’ve done, for your faith... I noticed on the night... I begin to notice in America, and like many other places, the people get up sometimes... You go into a meeting, and they don’t agree with what you’re saying; they’ll get up and walk out, just walk out deliberately. I’ve not noticed that in this meeting. And I’ve tried your patience going on up to ten o’clock, and people have set right in the church, hot, fanning, set right there till the last prayer—last thing’s finished at the pulpit. That’s loyalty. God bless you people.

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I don’t know. Hope I get to see you again. If I don’t, what I told you last night about that place, may God answer my prayer and every one of us meet there. I love you now and you love me, but we don’t know what it is till we get there. And that’s true.

I trust that if I get to come again that the new ministry that I’m trying to get into session now, will be working perfectly like the others at that time.

Some of them told me out there, a few minutes ago, that the little baby we prayed for on the platform last Sunday afternoon was here. If I’m not mistaken, this little blond-headed mother here... Is the baby better? I’m so glad of that. That’s good. Said it was getting well now, drying up, coming to scab. Now, aren’t we thankful for that? The doctors could do nothing for it. If you only knew that disease spreads all over the face and it eats it up. See? But now it’s healing and scabs come over the place. And it’s healing up. We are grateful.

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This won’t embarrass you. There was... The little lady wondered why one thing was said on the platform about a place that she was from. See, the Holy Spirit... Immediately after the meeting, I was walking down the street and I—I met them; and questioned.

Why I said, “Certainly, that’s right. That’s where you are from, yourself. But when you married, you moved somewhere else or whatever it was there.”

Then she seen it. See what the devil trying to get you to do. See? That baby wouldn’t be getting well if you’d have kept on thinking that. See? But if you believe, just if it’s perfect enough to tell things perfect, it’s—it’ll be perfect in the healing, too.

Just believe all things, whatever God has said, you just believe it because it isn’t me, friend. Remember. If I never see any you all again, many of you, till I see you at the judgment, those visions, that Pillar of Fire and Light is the truth. It’s the truth.

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Now, I’m a poor servant of the Lord. I make so many mistakes, till I’m ashamed of myself. I don’t wilfully make them. But I—I do things that I shouldn’t do, such as, might say, “Come, pray for this one.”

“All right, I’ll be right over there and pray for that.” Here’s another; here’s a down here, down here. I forget about it. I don’t mean to do that. I don’t mean to be that way.

And then there’s many times I wished I could stand a little longer in line when that’s discernment’s going on. But it just simply kills me; I just can’t do it.

And when I seen that vision the other morning, I looked and I thought, “God, let somebody hold me up.” Then I got to thinking, “Yeah they did that one time, and I was off the field for eight months.” See, I couldn’t tell when anyone come to me whether it was vision or not. So you—you can’t—you just—you’ll never be able to reach all. We know that. But we can do everything that we can do to help.

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So from here we go over to California to Lakespring—Lakeport, Lakeport, California, for next week. The following week we’re up here at Yakima, Washington, one night in Tacoma, as we go through. Then on into Summer Shade, Kentucky, and on, on and on... And as soon as I can, I’ll be going into Germany, and Switzerland, Africa, India, and down into Australia, and Melbourne, and Sydney, and New—and New Zealand, around over the world.

Be praying for me. I ask you one more favor. Will you pray for me while I’m gone (See?), till we meet. Will you pray for me? And I’ll remember when the great challenges before the holy men in India, the witch doctors in Africa, in the great interior where Australia and around where those pagan heathens, they’ll come right up and challenge you. And when they make their challenge, I’ll be remembering that over in the Klamath Falls valley there’s a group of people praying for me. And I—I’ll know that God will hear your prayer. And I need your prayer. It’s praying people that hold me up.

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When I was a little boy, I had no home, as hardly you know. I don’t mean that any disgrace to my father and mother, but you’ve read my life story. No one... I always loved people; I wanted people to love me. And no one would talk to me. I’d be standing on the street as a young man; someone come along, and I’d be talking to someone. If there was anyone else they could talk to, they’d get away, because of the background, my father drinking and moonshining, and so forth.

So I—I hate to say that, but it’s—it’s no... I’ll trust... My daddy died in my arms giving God praise. So I—I—I trust that it doesn’t reflect anything. But see, the truth... If it’s bad about me, let me say it anyhow, because it’s the truth. See? Just...

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That’s—that’s the reason I believe the Bible. Being if I never read it but one time, or looked in It, when It talked about Lot living with his daughters and so forth like that, it don’t pull no strings. It tells the truth. See? Now, when they say George Washington never told a lie, that’s history. I don’t know about that. But when it comes to This, It tells the truth. Whether it’s good or bad, It tells it just the same.

That’s the way we ought to be. It it’s bad, it’s going to be across the canopies of the sky someday, anyhow. So we might as well confess it now and say it’s—that’s the way it was. See? And then be honest. You never have... You can never serve God correctly till you get every little thing out of the way where you can stand free.

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How can I walk out that door unless I understand and have a good knowledge that I can walk out that door? Then by faith, I walk out the door. See? That’s the only way you can. If there’s anything in your way hindering you, you just can’t do it, because that thing raises right up in front of you all the time. See?

And so be honest, truthful; serve God with all your heart, laying aside every sin that easily besets you, that you might run with patience the race that’s set before you, looking to the Author and Finisher of our faith, the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s... Watch; He is our Example.

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Now, if I put a stumbling block in your way, don’t let that hinder your salvation with Christ. If your pastor, he’s a man, if he puts a stumbling block, don’t let that hinder at all. The thing you want to do is keep your faith on God and look to Jesus Christ as your Example. He is your Example, the perfect One.

Now, I... Each and every one of you, thanks again. And now, we’re—we’re designating this time this afternoon. Mostly, we had a altar call last night. And I trust that every precious soul that found the Lord Jesus in these meetings will take your membership with some of these churches, because they—they believe in this. They wouldn’t be having me up here if they didn’t believe in this ministry.

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Now, my ministry is in a little slump now, because it’s changing in America from one to another. And if you’ve noticed it, the first was a sign that the people looked at. The second was a sign that only God, Himself, could do. Now, on this third ministry, it lays it right straight back in the lap of the people again. See? If they’ll come with that sincerity, no doubt at all. Watch the Holy Spirit, they operate itself... It comes up on me and tells them just exactly. It heals right there. See? But they have got to come, not with an emotional faith, but with a solid faith to believe that it’s the truth (See?), as God puts it right back in the individual’s lap again. Because it has to be that way, ’cause there’s no power in man to heal.

And these things that I’ve told you about the squirrels, about the—the healings of those people and those things, God in heaven knows that every word of that is as true as I know how to say it. That’s right. And so I know that just ahead of me now, lays a greater ministry than what I have. But it’ll take the people just a little bit. When they go to getting faith in it, it’ll start its working. How do I see visions out over the audience there? How is it? It’s because you yourself are doing it. I don’t do that. You do it.

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Now, I doubt whether either—any of you ever seen a real vision, seen me have a real vision. My wife could tell you how it is. Sometimes I lay for hours without a bit of breath or a doctor can examine and find no pulse, and strike a match and hold that close to my nose and no breath for an hour or more... But that’s in a real vision. This is a vision like, but you are doing it. Let me... I—I’m better not. We got too much time. I was going to try to explain to you the best that I know how. Is it all right? Here...

No one can never explain it, because it’s inexplainable. But here’s the best of my knowledge. I’ll take my minister brother who’s here on the platform. All right. We’re all going to a big carnival, or I’ll say a circus. That’s the way I used to have to. One would come to town and we’d have to peep through a knothole somewhere and watch it, ’cause we couldn’t go in.

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Now, we’re going to say that—that all of us is at this great circus, and we can’t get in. And it happens to be, that God made me a great, tall man. And He made another brother a short, stout man. Now, we cannot help what we are.

Jesus says, “Who taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?” You can’t do it. God makes you just what you are. And that’s where I different a little with our latter brethren or latter day rain brethren, of trying to lay hands on people and make them prophets and so forth like that. God sets in the Church. See? If man does it, it’s just like electing a bishop or electing something else. It seldom works. But when God sets it, it’s—it’s foreknowledge. By foreknowledge He foresaw everything.

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Do you all believe that God is infinite? Well, if He is infinite, He knowed every flea would ever be on earth, how many times it’d ever bat its eyes and how much tallow it would make. That’s before the foundation of the world ever started. Now, that wouldn’t even half express infincy—infinite. He’s so perfect, till He knowed the everything that would ever do. He knowed every time, how many, how long your fingernail would be, and how many times you batted your eye, and how many times you moved your finger before the world ever begin. Every individual... That’s infinite. See? Infinite, there’s just no... There’s no explaining to it. So you can’t explain the word.

It’s just like on your—on—on your camera, or when you go beyond a certain range, then it’s—it’s just on; it’s eternity. Now, that’s God. Then He knowed all things.

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Now, we’re going to find He’s set in church certain ministries for certain ages. You believe that. Certainly He did. Now, we’re all at a carnival or a circus. We can’t get in. We haven’t got no money.

Now, I look at, say, Brother Borders here, maybe he’s a short, stout man. He’s strong enough, he can pack water to the elephants, maybe get hisself in. Well, I couldn’t do it, ’cause I’m kind of a weakling, but I’m real tall and thin.

And we’re slipping around side of the big board fence, and—and we’re both saying we find a knothole, and it’s way up here high. Well, Brother Borders could never get up to that knothole. But I can if I’ll jump. All right, I’ll make a great big jump and grab my fingers just around top of the fence. I’ll pull up, look through the hole. I come back down. And say, “What did you see?”


“Oh, you did.”

“Uh-huh, yep.”

“What else did you see?”

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Now, that’s the visions that you see here in the church. See, I’m standing there. You, yourself, are operating that. You’re doing that yourself. When you’re out there in the audience and believing, you’re the ones doing that yourself.

Jesus told the woman, “Thy faith...” Why didn’t He feel the touch of the rest of them? They didn’t have that faith. But that one woman touched Him. See? “Thy faith has saved thee.”

Now, the first thing you know you... Now, there, standing on the platform, here’s the person. I’ve never seen them in my life. All right, what do I do? I enter into a relaxation of my own self into a gift. And the first thing you know, I see the woman. She’s got cancer. “You have cancer.” Oh, my. When I drop like from here. See? Whew. That was hard.

“Yes, I got cancer.” See? That ought to alarm the whole audience, but it doesn’t. It doesn’t even alarm her sometimes.

“He guessed that.” I can feel it right then. See?

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“Now, what else did you see?” Oh, here we go again, and jump up, get my fingers a hold, ’cause I just barely reach it and pull hard.

“What else did you see?”

“Giraffe.” See?

“What else have I got?”

“Well, you’ve also got a asthmatic cough.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

I’m just about gone by that time. See? Now, here stands the whole church wanting to know something about themselves. See? They’re doing that themselves.

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Now, here comes the—the—the giant by, the ringmaster. “What are you doing, son?”

“I was looking over the fence through that knothole telling these men.”

He reached down and get me in his hand, picks me up here. He says, “You see here? You see that thing there. It takes place. It comes over here. The Garland riders come by here, go down here. It happens down here. And this woman jumps off here, goes through those hoop of fire. This goes out.”

“Oh, is that the way it is.”


“All right, that’s the way it is, son.”

Now, that’s God using His gift. Here is you using God’s gift. There on a real vision is God using His gift. That never bothers me. Don’t hurt me a bit, ’cause I’m just setting right in the palm of His hand. He’s showing me. That’s when God wants to use His gift. And that’s when you are using God’s gift.

I can’t use it. It’s not for me; it’s for you. I can see nothing for myself. See? It’s all for you. I got a thousands of things in my heart this afternoon I wished He’d show me. But He doesn’t show me what for me to do, about me. It’s for you. I’m just a public servant of God to you. You understand now?

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Now, you say, “That’s not Scriptural, Brother Branham.” Yes, it is. Now, wait a minute.

Jesus was living with Martha, and Mary, and Lazarus. You remember that? And the Father said to His Son, “I want to use...” You believe God was in Christ? Certainly He was.

All right. Father wants to use His gift on earth. So He tells Jesus, “You go away from the home, because Lazarus is going to die. Be gone four days. After four days, Lazarus will be dead. Then You return, and go back, and raise him from the dead.” That never... He never said no virtue left that.

Went on over and four days, they sent to Him. “Come, pray for Lazarus. He’s dying.” He just kept on going. Sent another messenger: “Come pray for Lazarus, the one You love. He’s dying.” Just kept going on.

Then after another time, he said, “Lazarus sleepeth.”

“Oh,” He said, “if he sleeps, he does well.”

He said, “He’s dead. And for Your sake, I’m glad I wasn’t there.” ’Cause they’ve been trying Him to get Him to do something was against the will of God.

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And brother, sister, if I never see you again, that’s one of the greatest fights I have. Look right out over the audience and see somebody that I know that isn’t going to be well. And then someone try to get me to do something that’s against the will of God. And I can’t tell that person, because if I do it’ll hurt them. And there you are; just have to bottle it up in your soul and keep it, and keep moving on, praying. It’s—it’s killing. And then, the first thing you know, then we’ll...

Lazarus... When He come back, went to the grave of Lazarus... Listen to what He said: “Father, I thank Thee. Thou has already heard Me. (See, see? He knowed it already.) But I pray for these sake that stands around.” Then He called Lazarus from the grave.

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Now, He never said anything about... That was raising a man after he’d been day for four days and bugs was eating up his body. And that man stood up, and lived again, and went to supper one time with Jesus. Is that right?

Now, that was a greater miracle. And that little woman that come through and touched the hem of His garment. He said, “I got weak. Virtue went out of Me.” Is that right? One was God using His gift; the other one was that woman using God’s gift, ’cause she said in her heart, “He’s a holy Man. If I can touch His garment, I’ll be made whole.” You remember that?

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So there is the vision. Now, it’s growing beyond that now. It’s coming to a place to where the people that had seen it to have confidence and faith, that’ll come up here before me, and I’ll stand just talking to them. And if they’ll just say the right thing with the right type of faith, then that anointing will come on me, and then I’ll ask for them to be done right there. See? Just watch.

And this meeting has been great. You just don’t know the testimonies I got piled up over there on my desk and things like that, or on the—in my room, of people that’s wrote back and sent back testimonies of being healed. With babies with leukemia and all kinds of diseases and things...

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Yet... And after I’m gone a long time, you ministers watching your churches, you’ll see a woman say, “That female trouble I had doesn’t bother me any more, pastor,” or “This stomach trouble I had...”

“My heart trouble’s all gone.”

I couldn’t call them. I could not call them. They’s just all over the audience, everywhere, just in one great big spray. You couldn’t see them all. You couldn’t speak to them. But it’s just everywhere. They got it.

Just like I said about the little Finnish girl last night. You... She’ll find it out after while. So that—that’s all. And so that way I go with a confidence in my heart this afternoon to know that things that we know nothing about now is already accomplished in the sight of God. So God bless you with all my heart. Let us pray a prayer now to God.

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Our heavenly Father, after thanking our brethren and sisters for all their cooperation; and many has prayed and fasted; and churches has longed and strained; and ministers has went through great strains... But we thank Thee, Lord, that in all of it there has been great things accomplished. How would I know that preachers won’t come from this meeting? How would I know that something isn’t done, that’ll inspire men are already ordained to preach? We just thank Thee for all of it.

Many are healed. Thou will confirm the word of Thy servant, and the ministering brothers and neighbors will find out, and know that my words are true, that they’re Your Words that I speak for You: that many here is healed and doesn’t know it yet.

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Now, Father, I pray that You’ll bless us in the winding up of this meeting this afternoon. God, may these churches grow and prosper in revival until Jesus comes. Grant it, Lord. Hear the prayers of Your people. And we thank Thee for the reverence and respects of the people.

And it is written in Thy Word, “Insomuch as you do unto the least (and that would be me), the least of My little ones, you have did it unto Me.”

And as they have respected the Word that I have preached... And this lovely brother making that statement a few moments ago in my introduction... God, I pray that You will bless him abundantly. And I realize that he spoke for the people, for they all cheered back. And I pray that the riches of Your blessings will be upon them, Lord. Grant it.

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I pray for all their ministries and their churches. May they prosper, and build, and—and extend, and the audiences be greater, and the pews all fill, and the altars packed, and—and great healing miracles will take place by their hands. That You’ve been so close to us, Lord, that it encourages us to know that You are still with us. We realize that this is a shaking time, that when the church will come to the minority. For it is written, “Fear not, little flock, it’s your Father’s good will to give you the Kingdom.”

And we realize that that must come to that place, that the chaff and wheat must be separated. And we know that this is a separating time, when the world will continue to grow worse. But the Church will become more concerned, and Your Spirit will get greater and more powerful all the time in the Church until Christ and the Church unites together.

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Lord, help us this afternoon that there will not be one feeble person in our midst when we leave. Now, I commit these people to Your hands. I commit myself to Your hands. Lord, work with us. Give us something extra this afternoon at the closing of this service, that we all might remember it as long as we live, with the rest of the meeting.

We pray this blessing as we read the Word. Water It, Lord. You said, “My Word will not return to Me void. It will accomplish that which It was purposed for.”

And all the sick that’s here this afternoon. May there not be one feeble person when this services is over. May God come so real to them, that all the blackness of doubt or superstitions would be drove from their hearts and they would see perfectly the Lord Jesus in operation among His Church. Grant it, Lord. And then, let them catch the faith of that and move out of here as well men and women, boys and girls this afternoon.

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We thank You for the healing of this little, darling baby. And I’m so glad. Yet, I told my wife last Sunday, “I’m not hungry. Let us not go to eat.” But bless her heart, she persuaded me until finally I went with them. And then on the street, met this little mother. And there was a thing that Satan thought that he could rob that precious baby of that healing, causing that mother to doubt just a little bit there, because that You told her that she herself was from a certain city. And that’s exactly what You meant. Then standing by the side of the car, how Your great Spirit come back again, and opened it up to her, and told her. Now, today... Then she believed. Now, today, her little baby is getting well. We’re so grateful for that, Father.

And the many others, all, so many’s been healed and we thank Thee for it. There’s souls that’s been saved. We thank Thee for it. And may each and every thing be to Thy honor and glory, for we commit it all to Thee in the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Amen.

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Now, we’re going to turn, this afternoon, to Saint Matthew for the closing message. And I—I tell you; I have to confess something. Saint Matthew, 14th chapter, 27th verse.

And I want to confess something. I thought I was preaching just a little hard. And I’m a little timid of—of ministers. You see? I’m a... They’re shepherds. They should be a little suspicious, because they’re feeding the flock of God. And the Holy Ghost has made them overseers. But when me with my old, slow southern way... I used to think I was the preacher a long time ago.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

I remember when I... My father was a rider. And he used to break broncos. And he was a real rider. Well, I remember when I’d go out, after plowing corn and things all day, we’d bring the old plow horse in. Dad would still be at the back of the field plowing. We had an old, wooden water trough. Do you remember them? Old log hollowed out where the horses drink, you know, an old artesian well?

And I would bring the old horse down there, and pull the harness off. And then we’d... I’d get pop’s saddle, you know, and get out there. And my little brothers would set around on the fence. And I’d get me a big handful of cockleburs, and pull it up there, and tighten down the cinch, and climb up on him. That poor, old horse was so old and tired, you know, he couldn’t get his feet off the ground. Just bawl, you know... And I’d throw that hat around. I thought I was a rider.

I said, “My, they need me out west to break their horses.”

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And about eighteen years old, I slipped off and went to Arizona. Happened to be there in time of rodeo. Well, I put on a pair of chaps. I always wanted a pair. Pop’s was wore out so... He got hurt, so he had to quit riding.

And I thought I’d get me a pair of chaps. And I went out and put me on a pair. I was little anyhow, you know. And it was from one of them long-legged westerners. And there was enough leather laying out on the floor to make a saddle out of, nearly. Looked like one of these little banty roosters with them feathers, you know, see... I couldn’t wear them things. So I wanted to take the saddle money home, you know, ride the silver saddle. You know what I speak of.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

So I got me a pair of Levi’s and went out to the—the pen. And they said they was going to bring out an outlaw horse. And so, some famous rider was going to ride him. And I settled up there and looked at all these old disfigured cowboys, you know, setting on this fence, watching. I climbed up and set down by them. Looked... I seen their overalls, you know, all slicked and worn. Mine just told it was a new pair; I was a rider anyhow, you know.

I thought, “I’ll show them how to ride these horses out west. I’ll tell them how it’s done.”

Setting there looking them all over, you know... And first thing you know, they’d come out of a shoot, this guy did on a horse called Yellow Fever, a big brand on his hip. About three or four bucks and a sunfish or two, and the horse went one way, the rider another. The pickups got the horse, and the ambulance got the rider.

The caller come by and said, “I’ll give any man a hundred dollars that’ll ride him thirty seconds.” He come down through there, and he stopped in front of me. He said, “Are you a rider?”

I said, “No, sir.”

That took the wind out of me right now.

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When I was a little Baptist preacher, I used to pack my Bible under my arm, you know, and go downtown. And I’d see the different ones. They’d say, “Hello, Reverend.” Oh, that felt big, you know. Yes, sir.

“Are you a preacher?”

“Oh, sure I am.”

One day, there was a little girl by the name of Betty Daugherty. You read the story. In my ministry was healed... The first one in my ministry sent when it was confirmed to me over there. And her father was a Pentecostal preacher. And I went down to the meeting. My, oh, my... That man would preach, till... He didn’t need no microphone. He would preach till he would turn blue in the face, buckle in his knees, and go almost to the floor, come back catching his breath. You could hear him about three or four blocks away still preaching.

Somebody’d say, “You a preacher?”

I said, “No, sir. I’m not. No, sir.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

My old, slow southern ways just can’t think of it that fast. That’s all. I just kind of take my time and maneuver around and kind of wait on the Spirit. And I’m just too slow. That’s all. Them Pentecostal brethren would just run off and leave me. So then, I’m kind of slow about saying about being a preacher up on the platform when I know that’s behind me, you know. So I’m taking it easy...

But when I heard them say, “Preaching on holiness, they appreciated it,” and some of those ministers shaking my hands and saying, “That’s good, Brother Branham. That gives us courage to move on.”

Oh, I quit preaching a couple—three nights ago and just started testifying, ’cause I was afraid that I was—might be getting a little rough on it, you know. So I—I just let it go. But I... Next time I come back, I’ll continue on preaching, ’cause I know that you just do put up with the old fashion sassafras. How many knows what sassafras is? Say, boy...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

How many ever slept on a straw tick? How many’s from Kentucky? My, that—that’s really... That’s Kentuck—Why, I was borned on a straw tick. That’s right. Slept on a shuck pillow just pretty near all my life. We never had electric lights till just recently.

And I remember pop used to shave, and he’d have a bunch of shucks off of the corn, you know. Made hisself a shaving brush, go out to mom’s tub, get the old lye soap that she... We boiled up the old stuff that made the lye soap. And we rubbed up like that, wash his head and everything with that same lye soap, take this old brush and put the little soap suds on his face and shave. Oh, my. Wished I could see him again though, sure wished I could.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

But hold on to Christ; or this, let Christ hold on to you ...?... It’s just like one time, if you’ll just let Him hold you. Now, we’re not a big church. That’s true. But I believe God’s holding us.

My little girl, Rebekah there, I tell a little story on her and Sarah one time. They’re—they’re both daddy’s little girls, you know. And so, I’d be out late, you know, and I—I love my children. And I wouldn’t come in till maybe weeks. And I remember Rebekah when I...

Her birth was the marking of my ministry. I asked the Lord if He’d let me stay home until the baby was born. And when I—she was born, and I went up on a trip, and come back, and she begin to know me. After about six months old or something, I made St. Louis and a few of the Arkansas meetings, went on down in the south. And when I left then, I never come back for nearly a year. When I come in one cold day, and we had two little rooms we were living in, and had quilt stuck in the door and pushed in. It was around zero weather.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And to keep the baby from for—forgetting me, mother had my picture setting there, and she’d say to Rebekah, and she’d say, “Daddy, daddy.”

But when I come back, I’d lost about twenty-five pounds, and nearly all my hair was gone. I said, “Hi, sweetheart.” She was scared; she cried. She was afraid of me. My own child afraid of me.

And mother tried to say, “Daddy,” and she’d point to the picture. That was daddy, not this. That liked to kill me.

Finally I got her little legs, and pulled them around my stomach, and set down, and begin pat her, and tell her I was daddy, and I’d been out working for the Lord. And finally, she laid her little head over on my chest. She laid there a little while and she’d raise back up and look at that picture, then look at me again. Finally she’d making up her mind it was me, you know.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

When her little sister was born, well, Becky is kind of a tall, thin, long-legged... And so they was waiting up one night for me to come home. And I got in kinda late. So then when I come home, why, they’d done went to bed.

And the next morning, I was so weary and tired, a lot of visions, and I’d sleep in. I couldn’t sleep; I was too weary. And when I got up, come out in the room, why, set out there. First thing you know, Becky happened to wake up first. “Well, it’s daylight. Daddy might be there.” Here she come, them pajamas just a flying. And when she run, she...

Here comes Sarah, her little bitty sister, little bitty tot about like this, wearing Becky’s hand-me-downs. I guess your children does that too. The feet about that much too long, you know, and here they was slamming them big feet coming through and her little, old brown eyes.

But Becky jumped right astraddle my knee, like this, and put her arms around me like this and said, “Sarah, my sister, I want you to know that I was here first. (That’s the way some of the great denominational churches think they was there first. See, see, see?) And I’ve got all of daddy.”

She was well-balanced; her feet was on the floor. She balanced herself up pretty good, said, “I’ve got all of daddy, and there’s none left for you.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Poor little Sarah, she ducked that little head, them little brown eyes looked at me, colored up with tears, and started to turn around. And Becky was hugging her up close to me. I motioned to Sarah like this with my finger and stuck my other knee out. And here she come, them big pajama feet flying. She jumped right, straddled my lap like that. And I just reached over and got her with both arms and hugged her up real tight.

She laid there a little bit against my chest. And she looked over to Becky, and she said, “Rebekah, my sister.” She said, “It may be true that you’ve got all of daddy, but I want you to know Daddy’s got all of me.”

That’s it. We may not have a lot of theology; and we may not know too much about how to split a molecule, or we’re not very old. But one thing: just so Christ has got all of me. That’s all I want. See? I may not have all of Him. As long as He’s got all of me, He will help me and balance me, until I grow a little older, I’m sure.

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Now, in the blessed, old Word. Oh, I love the Word. “Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word of God. Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away,” said Jesus. Now:

And straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Fear not, be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.

It must have been about the going down of the sun. It’d been a great day, rather warm. And the big fisherman, as we know, Simon, big, burly fellow, bald-headed, wide shoulders, pushing the boat off of the bank... And he finally got it—the stern pushed off, and climbed aboard himself, and shoved it out into the water and walked down along the rest of the seats, and took his place by the side of Andrew, his brother...

The people on the shore were waving good-bye, “God be with you until we meet again,” and waving, and so happy because of the great meeting that day. As they started taking their oars with one accord, pulling together... That’s the way you make the boat move is when you make the same stroke together.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

That’s what I stood in the breach with the Pentecostal brethren: when we could each stand by our oar and pull with the rest of them, the boat will move right on across. Our little bark will move across the sea of life, that we’re sailing life’s solemn main now. And that’s what we need is cooperation, coordination, and pull together steadily. It’ll certainly move the load.

And as they moved on out, oh, after the sun already turned red, going down, they got plumb out of the hearing distance of the last one waving, “Farewell.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And I believe, that it must have been young John (as he was the youngest among all of them)... Young John must’ve brushed back the shaggy hair from his eyes and said, “You know, I’ve been thinking since this afternoon. And, oh, how real the Bible is to me now. Did you notice Him, brethren, that look on His face when He took those biscuits, and broke them, and fed that five thousand? He looked to me like Jehovah standing there. And He broke those fishes and handed them out, and His... I got up close and looked and to see Him when He’d break that fish in two and hand it out. And when He reached back, there would be another piece of cooked fish on there, until thousands of pieces of fish come off of that piece of fish, already cooked. I seen Him when He broke that biscuit, hand it out, reached back and that biscuit was whole again, just kept handing it out. And seen Him take up all those baskets full of food.”

You know, brethren, I can assure you,” he must have said, “that we’re not deceived. That Man has some contact with Jehovah, because my mother, when I was a little boy, used to read stories to me how Jehovah rained bread out of heaven and fed our people, our ancient people, when they crossed the desert. For forty years in the wilderness, God Jehovah fed them out of heaven, rained the bread, cooked on the ground with honey on it. Now, this Man does things like Jehovah did them.” Amen. I like that.

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He said, “If you can’t believe Me, believe the works that I do.”

They said, “Your—your Word is wrong. You testify of yourself.”

He said, “Two is a witness. I am one witness and My Father that’s with Me is the other Witness. He does the works.” So He wasn’t alone. The Father... He said, “If I do not the works of My Father, then believe Me not. But if I do the works of My Father, then if you can’t believe Me, believe the works, because the works is My Father.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, we might say the same thing. If we... If you can’t believe us as servants of Christ, believe the Holy Spirit that’s with us doing the works of Christ. Believe Him. Now...

So he said, “That must have been some connection with Jehovah, because Jehovah performed a miracle and fed the people with bread when they were hungry. And our Lord, this afternoon, fed the people with bread and fish when they were hungry. It must’ve been something, some contact He has with Jehovah. And I’m satisfied, no matter what our church says, no matter what the Pharisees says, or the Sadducees, or any. I know that we are not deceived in this Man, because He does the works of God. The same kind of works that God did, He does them also.”

I can hear the brethren across the ship say, “Amen, Brother John. That’s just exactly right.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, it must’ve been Apostle Peter then which was kinda at the stern of the boat, the fisherman, as we call him... It must’ve been him that said, “Well...” He let up on his oar, setting by the side of Andrew. He said, “Well, I’ll tell you what convinced me before this afternoon, John. Andrew went to see Him first, and he come telling me about a Galilean prophet; and I said, ‘Oh, John, don’t get carried away with a lot this nonsense that goes on in this day, ’cause you know there was several antichrist raised up before His coming. You knew that. The Bible said so, that they called away many.’” “But,” he said, “what convinced me, I can remember...”

And all the brethren let up their oars, because it was just that little lull before dark and the haze around the side of the mountains, a beautiful time, all the birds flying over, going to their nests. God had fed them through the day, and they were gathering into the nests for the evening.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Oh, I’m so glad that God will gather His people at the evening time, aren’t you? That’s when the Bride’s to be called. Did you know that? In the evening time, that’s when Rebekah and Isaac met was in the evening time.

And as the birds begin to gather in, the brethren let up on the pulling of the oar. And when they did, Simon said, “Andrew kept telling me, ‘Come on, Simon. Go up and see this Galilean prophet. He will make you believe in God.’ Oh, I told Andrew, ‘Andrew, you must’ve got carried off on the deep end. There’s no such a thing as a prophet in our days.’ ‘But there is.’ he said, ‘There is. You should come.’ One day he persuaded me to go. So finally I went up, and I remember what my father told me. Now, my father was a strict Pharisee, very strict in our religion. And he taught me well in the Bible.”

“And I can remember the lesson, one day, setting on an old log, or the end of the ship after we’d pulled all day. And he was getting old and gray. And he took me in his lap. And I was just a lad. And he said, ‘Simon, my boy, your father has raised you to believe in God. I’ve tried to live the strict life of our religion, a Pharisee. And I want you to come up to serve God and believe Him. I’ve waited all my days, Simon, my son, to see the Messiah come. I know what He will look like. I know what He will be when He comes. And I see... I don’t believe I’m going to be able to see Him.’”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And Simon might’ve stopped here and said, “I see my old father brush the hair back out of his eyes, as the gray beard and hair. We’d fished together on the Galilean sea here all of our lives. And he said, ‘Simon, my son, you may live to see the Messiah. And when He comes, He will be a rejected One. Oh, He will not have much followers to follow Him. But He will call the elected of God. He will call. And Simon, I prayed so hard that I’d raise a boy that would be amongst God’s elected. Now, Simon, when the Messiah cometh, I want you to remember. He will be criticized. He will made fun of. But here’s the sign that you’ll know He is the Messiah. He will be a God prophet, because Moses, the great prophet that we followed, said, ‘The Lord, our God, shall raise up a prophet likened unto Him.’ Now, He will be a prophet like Moses, but far greater than Moses. See? He will be a Prophet, King, Priest, Law-giver. He will be God in flesh. But He will do the sign of the prophet, and that’s the way you’ll know that He is the right One.’” See?

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And he said, “Then when I walked up before this Jesus of Nazareth. And I thought, ‘I’ll go and see it’s somebody falsely. I don’t believe what Andrew’s telling me. I believe he’s just got caught up in some emotion.’ But when I come off from my ship, he told me He was up there on the bank. And I went up and set down on a chunk, waited to hear this Galilean speak. And while He was speaking, He turned and looked at me. And when He looked at me, I knowed He was different from other men. Just let Him gaze upon you one time. I knowed there was something about Him. When I heard Him speak, He didn’t speak like an ordinary man. He didn’t speak like a Pharisee. He didn’t speak like a priest. He spoke like a man that knowed what He was talking about. And He was certainly convinced on what He said. And when He got through His speech, I stood up and I looked at Him in amazement. And He turned and looked at me, and He said, called me by my name. Said, ‘Your name is Simon.’ Not only that, but He knowed the name of my godly old father that’s gone on. Said, ‘You are the son of Jonas.’”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Said, “Brethren, that’s what convinced me He was Messiah, prophet-God, God prophet. I knowed that was the Messiah, because He had no way of knowing me; and yet He called my name; and my daddy said to look for that. Not only that, but He let me know that He knowed my daddy had told me such a thing. I can never forget, brethren, those eyes how they pierced me when they looked at me. And He said, ‘Your name is Simon. And you father’s name is Jonas.’” He said, “It was that time that I was convinced that He was the Messiah of God.”

Wish we’d be that simple this afternoon. Wish the world would recognize that.

“I knew He was the Messiah.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Must’ve been Philip then, about the center of the boat, that said, “Brethren, I want to tell on Brother Nathanael setting up there at the other oar. When I went to find him, I was convinced, and I heard Him call Simon and knowed that his name was Simon and knowed that his father’s name was Andrew, or knowed his father’s name was Jonas.” And said, “I was convinced. So I wanted to find this brother, Nathanael here, because that I knew he was a good man. And when I went over the told him to come, see Who we have found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph, he said, ‘Could there be any good thing come out of Nazareth?’ And I said, ‘Come and see.’”

Now, that’s a good thing to do: Come, see for yourself.

“And on the road around, you remember you’d say, Brother Nathanael, how we talked, and I told you when you bought them fish from that old fisherman that couldn’t even sign the receipt, couldn’t sign his own name, so illiterate.”

And yet, he was made the head of the church and give the keys to hell and death—no, the keys to the Kingdom it was. I beg your pardon. Jesus raised with the keys for hell and death. He was give the keys to the Kingdom. Now...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

“Yes,” he said, “I remember Him. Why He told him that his name was Simon and his father’s name was Jonas. Now, you are a smart man in the Scriptures. Is not the Messiah to be that type of Person?”

“Yes. Yes. That’s right.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me if He didn’t tell you who you were before you get off the ground.”

“I’ll have to see it.”

“And then when Brother Nathanael come up into the Presence of our Lord, He said to him, ‘Behold, an Israelite in whom there’s no guile,’ and so surprised him.”

And then Nathanael said, “Yes, I was surprised. I said to Him, ‘Rabbi, when did You ever see me?’ And He said, ‘Before Philip called you when you were under the tree, I saw you.’” He said, “I was fully convinced that that was the Messiah. And I fell on my face before this Man and said, ‘Thou art the Son of God. Thou art the King of Israel.’ I was convinced, brethren.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Andrew, the brother of Peter, then said, “But brethren, all of us, that day, you know, when He was going down to Jericho, straight shot right to Jericho from Jerusalem. But He had need to go by Samaria, up around the hills. Said the Father was sending up to Samaria. And when we got up there, you remember how sore His feet was? And He was tired and weary. And He wouldn’t even go into the city. He set out there by the well. And when we slipped back up. And they wouldn’t let us have no food, you remember. So we slipped back up to the well where they were at. And when we got there, we seen a woman coming up. And we thought we’d just stop and see what this woman would do. And we knowed she was marked, an ill-famed woman. And when she was letting the pitcher down into the well, we heard their conversation. And we seen our Lord stand there to that woman and see them hair drop down over her face with surprise when He said, ‘Go, get your husband and come here.’ She said, ‘Sir, I have no husband.’ Then we wondered, ‘Uh-oh, here’s a slip-up. Something’s happened now.’”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Perhaps about like our little sister thought that was sitting here a while ago with the baby.

“Here’s a slip-up. Something happened now.” ’Cause He told her to go get her husband, and she said she didn’t have any husband. And I hope the little lady’s in hearing distance somewhere. All right. She’s... That must’ve been a slip-up.

And so he said, “We all laid there in the bushes and listened to see what He would say. And said, ‘Well, I have no husband.’ He said, ‘Thou hast said well, for you’ve had five, and the one you’re living with now is not your husband.’ How did it change her? A moment, the hair fell down, her big, pretty eyes shined. The tears rolled down her cheeks. She said, ‘Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. We know that the Messiah’s a coming. And when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things.’ And we were surprised how that the unlearned Samaritans would be looking for a sign of Messiah and know the true Messiahic sign. ‘We know that when Messiah cometh...’ Them people that wouldn’t give us some food down there... Think that those people were trained well enough to know that when Messiah cometh, He’d give a Messiahic sign.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

“Yeah,” said, “We were all surprised, remember.” “And she said, ‘Sir, I perceive that Thou art a prophet.’ And we were comparing what the preacher said about Him, and what this woman said about Him, a woman of ill-fame, yet knowed more about the Scriptures than some of those priests did. They just had one road they could travel. This woman learned it from a Divine conception of the Spirit.” Said, “How could she ever knowed it? She said, ‘I know when Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things. But Who art Thou?’ He said, ‘I’m He that speaks to you.’ Now, we were all aware then that that was the Messiah. We were convinced. The Scriptures had bore record of His ministry, that He was Messiah.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Brethren, sisters, don’t you see the Holy Spirit today? The Holy Spirit never ceased to fall, when It fell on Pentecost. Don’t let no one tell you the Holy Ghost is just back there. Someone trying to tell you all this carrying on you’ve had here for fifty years... Pentecost is fifty years old now. Two years ago, I preached the—the Jubilee sermon at the Angelus Temple of the fifty year celebration of Pentecost.

Now, it’s been fifty years. Your mothers had the Holy Ghost.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And listen. As David duPlessis once said, God has no grandchildren. That’s right. We getting too many grandchildren in Pentecost. That’s right. God doesn’t have a grandchild. Nowhere in the Bible says God has a grandchild. God has sons and daughters, but not grandchildren.

Now, what it is, now the first Methodist revival, they were sons and daughters of God. Then their... They, the old-timers, brought in their children then just put them in the Methodist church. That’s exactly what the Pentecostals done.

I went to one of the great Pentecostal churches not long ago, frankly, about three months ago and was invited down. And they knowed how I preach holiness. And every one of their women, pretty near, in the building wearing manicure and their men with flat top haircuts and down... And soon as the Sunday school was over, each one walking out of that building and get away from there. They knowed they’d had a skinning coming, so they just didn’t stay. That’s all. They wouldn’t stay and take it. That didn’t help none, because they’re going to have to meet it at the day of judgment. You might as well face it right now and get it over with when there’s mercy. But there, that’s where Pentecost...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

What is it? The old-timers that used pray all night long, the old-timers that had real, real genuine salvation. They come into Pentecost. They got the Holy Ghost. They brought their children and put them on the cradle roll down there. And the first thing you know, we’ve got grandchildren in Pentecost. But God don’t have grandchildren. They’re all, every one, borned in His Kingdom sons and daughters of God (Amen.), sons and daughters. Not grandchildren, God don’t have any. They’re all sons and daughters.

That’s why today, the Message blinds the people so much is because they’re not used to seeing the supernatural. We need the power of God. We need back to real Pentecost. As Billy Graham said recently, you can’t ignore the Pentecostal church, because it’s the fastest growing church in the world today.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

The Sunday visitor of the Catholic church said last year that the Pentecostal church registered one million, five hundred thousand converts in one year, where the Catholic church itself never registered half that much. You can’t ignore it with all the great ministers across the land. The Pentecostal church is still taking the front line. Why? You can’t stop it. That’s right. God ordained it, and she’s gone. But when she gets to a place she goes bringing in grandchildren, adopting, and taking up the things of the world, God will move right on out. There’ll be another group take it and go right on. That’s right.

So get back to the firing land, brother. Stay under the anointing. Let nothing bother you. Now, back to those signs...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Today, when we’re living in the last day, when we see that the capping of the pyramid, the stone that was rejected out of the pyramid... They never did find out why the—the cornerstone was rejected in the temple. But they can’t find a stone that would fit it.

But now, as she begins to heap to the top, each one of those stones coming from Luther, Methodist, Pentecost, then the church will have to get in such a place till when the real Headstone comes, It’ll fit right joint by joint with it, like I said last night on the covenant.

The church will have to have the Spirit of God in it so much, till that Spirit will be doing the same works that Jesus Christ did here on earth, the Holy Ghost having complete control before that woman, the church, can ever unite with her husband, the Bride. Grandchildren will never see that. They just say, I’m Pentecostal. That’s all,” and go on.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Pentecost is not an organization; Pentecost is an experience that anyone can have. It’s a called out, a church, a elected group, small. Look in the days of Sodom as we preached this week. There was a great preachers went in into Sodom and begin to preach. They preached the message down there. But One stayed back and performed the signs in this little, bitty church, a minority. Watch the sign’s It done, and Jesus said that same thing would repeat to the Gentiles in this last day. And here it is.

Now, notice. Getting late... Oh, it was about getting dark. And they was talking and this went on. Said, “We better row, brethren.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And Satan happened to look down from the top of some smokestack. And he happened to look. And he found the disciples had gone off without Jesus. Said, “Here’s my chance.”

And brother, a whole lot of that will compare with today. The church is trying to go on without Jesus. We’ve had an hour of prosperity when men made big wages, union, and so forth like that, making big money; the poor people’s got it. It’s got amongst the Pentecostal people, till there’s millionaires and everything in Pentecost which is fine. We... It’s for... It’s not so much as the down-and-out; it’s the up-and-out, too. God’s for all, rich or poor, everybody. There’ll be just as many “pennyaires” in hell as there will be millionaires.

It’s your attitude towards what God give you. Are you willing to use your money for the Kingdom of God? If so, God will bless you, whether it’s a penny or whether it’s... Like the little girl give me last night, or—or some great multi-millionaire that’s worth, many million dollars. Just the same to God. Now...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

We’ve had a time of prosperity. We’ve had big buildings and built big churches and fine pews, built big schools and so forth, till I’m afraid we’re going off without Jesus. The devil sees that, and he saw them without Jesus.

So he begin to blow his breath, “Whew!” bringing up the wind. Said, “Now is the time to get rid of them. They’re out there by theirself. He’s not with them, so we’ll just... I’ll just blow my breath upon them, and that’ll do the work. We’ll sink them right out there in the sea and we’ll get rid of them.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And when he begin to blow his poison breath, the ship begin to toss from side to side. The oars broke, the sails fell, and the little ship was getting water-logged. All hopes that ever could be saved was gone.

And it’s almost that way now, friends. Looky here; look in the city today; look at the revivals; look at the places. Every thing we got so much money, we have to take up millions of dollars and thousands of dollars a week till we got to do all this, that, and the other, and this kind of program and that. We’ve programmed it so much, until there’s no time for prayer meeting, twenty minute sermon, or something another, until it’s got to a place, till so many educated scholar boys come in.

Till here not long ago, I went into a—a great Pentecostal church to ask them if I could borrow some seats to got into my auditorium where I was at. And the pastor said, “I would not let anybody set on my seats that even believed in Divine healing.” That’s true: Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now... And then, like that it’s got to a place, in many of the great churches that are trying to smother the thing out, saying we’re putting too much emphasis on Divine healing, on these other things and just getting it to a ritual. What is it? You’re getting grandchildren in it; you’re getting scholars in it in the stead of God-saved men.

Every man that comes to the platform’s got to be a pretty, little, curly-haired Hollywood. We’ve got too much Hollywood evangelism today: preachers out on the platform, and their wives walking up-and-down there like poured into a skirt, with jewels all over their hands, and lipstick, and short hair. Why, it’s a disgrace to the world and call it Pentecost. It might be Pentecost by denomination; it isn’t Pentecost by experience. That’s right.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

We need the old fashion, Holy Ghost, Pentecost again. The devil seen us going off on great buildings, and great organizations, and great this, and great that, and leaving Jesus out of it. And the devil’s begin to blow his poison breath saying, “Well, we’re climbing up now. We’re doing better now, and we got a better bunch of preachers, intellectual, fine-dressed men, all these different things.” I love and singing...

I went to a place here recently where they had a choir was going to sing just before I prayed for the sick and preached. And this great Pentecostal choir, standing back there, and the man was going to take up an offering, and if they didn’t blaspheme it, make fun of it, telling jokes, dirty up-and-down one with another... A bunch of women wearing lipstick and rouge, and them eyebrows all look something like a devil, all of them plucked out but one little match stem streak across their face and things like that standing there...

Oh, if they wouldn’t have throwed me out. I walked up-and-down the floor saying, “God hold me to keep my mouth shut, please till I get over this meeting.” I thought I’d walk out there and say, “You’re not fit to sing in a choir for the Kingdom of God.” With robes on...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

That’s all right. Robes is fine. That’s all right. But it wasn’t that, but it’s that spirit under there. Stood out there and tried to sing some kind of... I...

If anything, I love is good, old fashion Pentecostal singing, where if a man hasn’t got voice even to call hogs, he will use it for the glory of God and sing in the Spirit. I do hate an overtrained voice that holds up there some kind of a note till they turn blue in the face, “Ahhh...” They don’t even know what they’re saying themselves. How in the world can the Holy Spirit get into anything like that. I don’t like that. I like genuine, Holy Ghost singing, where they sing and clap their hands and praise God.

What’s the matter? The devil’s blowing his poison breath, said, “You want to act like the others?” [Blank spot on tape.]

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Jesus had not left them. You heard my sermon on the lamb and dove, when the dove takes its flight, when it fly on the wolf. It ain’t a lamb.

Now, Jesus hadn’t left them. What did He do? He climbed up the highest mountain there was, so He could watch them all the way across the ocean. And when He seen them in trouble, He come walking to them on the sea.

He hasn’t left us. He proves it now, He hasn’t left us. He never climbed the highest mountain; He climbed Calvary, and kept on climbing till He come into the Presence of God on the throne in glory. He climbed so high He could see the universe from His great throne. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me. He watches you. He’s watching this meeting. He wants to see what the results will be. He will come speak, do signs and wonders, and go away with a broken heart, because people turns Him down.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Notice, here He come in the midnight hour when all hopes is gone. The oars broke, the ship water-logged, they was holding one another and screaming. What did they see? They seen Him coming, walking on the sea. And when they did, the only thing that could help them, they was afraid of it. They said, “It’s a spook. There’s something funny about that. It’s spooky.”

And the only thing that could help them they thought was a ghost. And that’s the way with the world today. When atomic bombs in Russia, and all kinds of missiles and things are hanging in hangars, the U.N. is sinking and all the nations are against one another. And all we’re doing is trying the buy fellowship and friendship. You can’t buy fellowship and friendship. There’s got to be a gift of God to do that. Certainly. Like a marriage that’s built up on something like that will never hold. Listen, friends. You can’t do that.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And in that dark hour, the only thing that could help them come to them and they was afraid of it. So is it today. Today the Holy Spirit comes among us, in our churches, and the outside world looks around and says, “Oh, that’s mental telepathy. That—that’s fortune-telling. That’s a...” The very thing and the only thing that can help them, they’re afraid of it.

And Jesus (to my text) said, “Be not afraid; It is I. Be not afraid; it’s Me.”

“How do you know it’s Him?” Because it does the works of Him. By their fruit you shall know them, by the fruit of the Spirit, you see what they do, you see the works that Jesus did.

“He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also.”

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Now, the trouble of it is, we get one little thing in the Bible. The Methodist, they got sanctification. They stayed right with it. They wouldn’t budge for nothing. Luther got justification. Pentecostal got the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues. That’s just about the way they go.

Now, remember the Bible’s full of Divine promises. The Pharisees had their way about it. But when Jesus come, He never contradicted the Scriptures. He come exactly the way the Scriptures said, but they thought He was coming another way. Had to come the way they thought it: That’s the same thing happened today.

We’ve gone off on tantrums, see if we can get more in our denomination, say something evil against the other one, tear him down to build up ours, proselyte. “And a million more in forty-four,” as the Baptist said in that year. And there you are, what do get but church joiners? The same time they had to dismiss the church and give fifteen minutes for all the people and the pastor to stand in the back yard and smoke cigarettes ’fore they come back in again. Tell me not, I was right in the Baptist church when it happened.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

So there you are. What good does that do? What we need today is a clean, Pentecostal Gospel with the power of the Holy Ghost back into the church again. The Bible’s full of promises, my brother. There’s lots of promises in here for you.

Just like recently, there was a—a woman that was so poverty-stricken that the—they investigated the old woman to find out, the charity did to see what they could do for her. They got up there and the said, “How old are you?”

And she said, “I’m eighty.”

Said, “A... And you’re poverty-stricken.”

“Yes.” She didn’t have even food, been without food. She’d sold all the furniture out of the house. And she was... Some of the neighbors turned it in. She had a little pride about her, and so she wouldn’t—wouldn’t listen to it. Then finally, she seen she had to have it. So they told her that a...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

“Well,” said the investigator said to her, said, “Lady, have you got any children?”

Said, “Yes, I got a son.”

Said, “Where’s he at?”

Said, “He’s in India.”

“In India?”


Said, “What does he do there?”

Says, “He’s a businessman.”

“Well,” said, “Why don’t you let him help you?”

She said, “You know what? He’s such a dear, sweet boy.” Said, “He writes me the prettiest letters that you ever seen.” And said then, “But I just can’t have the nerve to ask him. That’s the reason I couldn’t ask you all. I couldn’t ask my precious boy. He knows my condition. And he knows that I need money. And if he had money, he would send it to me. Therefore, I can’t go begging on my son to do that.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And said, “He writes...” Said, “He writes to you?”

Said, “He writes to me at least once a month just as regular,” Said, “sometimes twice.” And said, “I get the prettiest pictures from him; he always sends me pictures. And I think they’re the prettiest things; I always enjoy them so much.”

Said, “What kind of pictures are they?”

Said, “Oh, I’ll show you.”

Said, “Have you got them?”

Said, “Yes.”

Said, “Where they at?”

She said, “They’re in my Bible.”

And she goes down to her Bible and begins to pull them out. You know what they were: India money orders. She had tens of thousands of dollars in India money orders, not knowing what they was, because they were full of pretty pictures, and she thought it was just the pictures.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

That’s the way it is today, friends. This old Bible’s just full of treasures, all through there. Why should you be sick or poverty-stricken? Why should you be cold and indifferent, when the Bible is full of the promises of God? Don’t be afraid; it’s the Lord Jesus. Do you believe that? Let us bow our heads now.

I didn’t get down to where I wanted to, but it’s getting late, and you got services for the evening. Let us pray now.

Our heavenly Father, truly the Bible is full of promises. And every promise is real. Every promise is ours. You died that these promises might be fulfilled in us. Let the people not be afraid when they see that thing that You spoke of would come to pass, see it happening right among them.

May they embrace it and say, “Yes, Jesus, welcome into my little abode. It’s being tossed about. The doctor told me I had cancer. The doctor told me I had tumor. The doctor told me I was going blind. The doctor told me I had TB, all of these diseases. The little boat’s getting ready to sink as she’s sailing life’s solemn main.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, let them not be afraid, this afternoon, when they see You come walking down through the corridors of glory, coming down into the midst of the people. May they say, “Yes, Lord. We’re not afraid, but we’re here now believing You.”

And may they welcome You in as the disciples did. And immediately the storm ceased, and they were at the shore. God grant, this afternoon, that many people here that will see You walking among the people today as we pray for them... May they realize and believe with all their hearts. And may You come into their heart and may they make room for you and welcome You into their little boat of sickness or sin. And it’ll all be settled. Grant it, Father.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, while we have our heads bowed, is there a person in here that doesn’t know Jesus as your Saviour? Before anything takes place, you’d say, “I want to accept Him as my personal Saviour.” Raise up your hands if you desire to find Christ as your own personal Saviour. Would you raise your hands? Is there even one? I’m asking you; you’re the judge. You know your soul. Is there one in here that’s a backslider, would want to come back to Christ? One wants Eternal Life would want to come. The pulpit, standing here, the altar’s open, and we’re right here to put first things first, the Kingdom of God. We’re right here to pray with you until God sanctifies your soul and fills you with the Holy Ghost. If you’ll just raise your hand and come forward now, we’ll be glad to receive you. No matter how hot it is, if you’re not right with God, you’ll go into a hotter place than this. So you—you come now and be ready to receive the Lord Jesus. If you’re here, we’re waiting on you.

While we wait just a moment with our heads bowed, let’s hum the song. With our heads bowed, everybody pray, and all you Christians pray. There might be a sinner here a little timid. Now, I’m going to linger a little bit, so that I’ll not be responsible for their lost condition at the day of the judgment. While we hum now...

“Almost persuaded” now to believe;

“Almost persuaded” Christ to receive;

Seems now some... [Brother Branham hums.]

"...Thy way;

Some more convenient day, on Thee I’ll call.”

Just once more please.

...vest is past!

“Almost persuaded,” doom come at last!

“Almost”... “Almost” is but to fail!

Sad, sad, that bitter...

I stand waiting. The Holy Spirit’s waiting. Will you come?

“Almost—but lost!”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Heavenly Father, if there be those here, Lord, maybe might be deceived. Maybe Satan’s telling them that they’re ready when they’re not. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man. If that... I hope there’s not, Father. But if there is, I pray that You’ll persuade them, Father. I ask that they set here in this hot room this afternoon to listen at me go through this message. I pray, Father, that You’ll save them. Grant it. May something be done a little later on in the service that’ll cause them to believe, by the healing of the sick or the afflicted, or something... Grant that something might be done to persuade them to come to Thee. We ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, by the clock there, it’s twenty minutes after four. Now, we want to be out just in a little while. I sent my son and them over. Either did you give out cards or Billy? Billy? All right, to give out prayer cards... What did you give? E? D? D 1 to 100. All right.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

D 1 to a 100, we told all people last night, all that want to be pray for. Now, in this line, in this line, we are going to pray for the people according to the way that the—the—the Holy Spirit has give me to pray for the people.

Now, number 1, who has prayer card number 1? Would you raise your hand? Would that lady come stand right here? While she’s coming, number 2, would you? Number 2, prayer card D number 2. All right, lady. Number 3, would you raise up your hand? Number 3? See, there’s some of them we’ll have to pack. All right, number 3? Number 4, number 4 would you raise up your hand? D, prayer card D like in Duncan. See? D number 4. All right, come, lady.

Number 5? number 5? Quickly, number 5? You don’t have a prayer card again, do you lady? Do either one of you all have a prayer card there? The lady in—in the chair, do you have a prayer card? Okay. Now, number 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. I—I... This is the only meeting I ever was in in my life, oh, that I couldn’t get people with a prayer card to come up and be prayed for. Number... Usually, they’re tearing over one another. But, somehow, it just don’t—it hasn’t worked here. We’ve had that...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

How many knows that? We’ve had it night after night. We call them; they wouldn’t even come. All right. D 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Let them come. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. Let them come. Got one, two, out of that. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. Somebody gets cards and leaves the building (You see?), goes away and that’s what does it. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.

Now... See? People gets the cards and goes away. Don’t... You shouldn’t do that. If you get the card, you should just remain. You should remain in—in the building. 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. That’s fine. Now, we’re getting somewhere. 40, 40 to 50, let them stand up. All with prayer card D, stand over here. I think that’s all was give out.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Was there any more cards out, Billy, besides D? G? G? Just D, just D. All right. Everyone real reverent then. Now, prayer card number D, stand up. That’s the prayer cards. All right, all that’s got prayer card D, even up to a 100, stand up. Is there anybody in here that’s sick that doesn’t have a prayer card, come in too late to get one, raise your hand? Two, three, four, five, six, seven. All right, just a moment. We get these prayed for first, then you—then we’ll—we’ll see if we can get them in there, too.

All right. Now, something’s got to happen now, hasn’t it? Now, how many believes now since I’ve told you the different ministries, that this last phase of the ministry will be greater than the rest of it? Sure it will be. It will be left upon the people, but it’ll be a direct positive. This way the Holy Spirit can reveal and say different things, but it will not heal. It cannot heal.

Let them back up a little out there, boys. Don’t let them stand in—go out to the sun. Just let them—let them stand right there so they can get right in the prayer line and come right in. Okay.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Did you wonder why when we just bring them through the line and pray for them we give a prayer card? How many would like to know why? Would you? To keep them coming back in line again. They’ll go right back. I’ve seen—I’ve seen people go—come through the line five times, just keep going round and round and round. And each time you go, it weakens you that much more, that much more, that much more. Just give them a prayer card; therefore, when they come on the platform, they got to hold their prayer card in their hand. Somebody takes the prayer card and just pass them on through the line. See? And that’s to keep them from repeating back. It’s to the good of the people. See? They...

See, you must remember, that in a man, there is nothing that can help you. How many knows that? Nothing in a man... We’ve got great men in the land today. We’ve got Brother Roberts, Brother Tommy Osborn, Brother Freeman, Brother Allen, great men of the Gospel. But yet, there isn’t one thing in any of those men can heal you. If anybody says that, he’s certainly off the line of the Scripture, for Jesus was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes, we were healed. How many believe that?

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

That’s the reason I differed with the brethren not long ago. And you all got it, I hear, in this country went over that dear Brother Branham. That happened not to be the person that said they wrote it; it was somebody else. Looked like that person would’ve knowed I’d have knowed that. I know who wrote the letter. Knowed it before it was wrote, that it was going to be written. Now, God knows that. I knowed it was going to be written, about the blood in the hand being the evidence of the Holy Ghost.

Taking some woman from India and bring her in... She’s a ...?... We got one at home. She’s Catholic, a prostitute, barfly; every twenty-eight days, bloody in the hands, bloody in the feet, bloody on the forehead...

This fellow said to me, this great preacher, said, “But Brother Branham, every time the Holy Ghost comes upon the woman, why this happens.”

I said, “Yes, every time this woman gets excited, it does it, too.”

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

If that blood will save people, what happened to the Blood of Jesus? It’s taken away; it’s the antichrist. There’s no such a thing. Don’t do no such a thing as that. That’s antichrist. And what people believe little sensations, let them go ahead and believe it. But whenever you come, taking away or bringing an antichrist spirit in a Pentecostal church it’s my business to stand up against it. That’s right. Not against the person, but against the spirit that’s bringing it in there. That’s right.

Woman like oil running down their back, putting it in a little thing, and sending it to the people to get healed. Why, if the oil will heal the people, what about the Blood of Jesus that’s... What happ—that’s taken away from Him? How could the filthy blood of a—a twenty-eight day thing with a woman ever save souls, when the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, virgin born, was shed at Calvary? I just have to stand against that. I... There’s just something about it. I just have to do it. See? It’s wrong. It’s wrong.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, if you want to say, “I’ve got the Holy Ghost standing on my head,” amen, go on. I don’t care what you got.

You say, “I got a... I seen a big light.” Go ahead and see the big light. Amen. If you live the life, I believe you got it.

You say, “I got it speaking in tongues.” Amen. If you live the life, I believe you got it. If you don’t live the life, you didn’t get it. That’s all. See?

You’ve got to have that Life behind there. “By their fruit, you shall know them.” That’s right. I believe in speaking in tongues, and believe in shouting, and believe in all the Pentecostal experiences. Yes. But if it hasn’t... But if that isn’t tied together with love, it’ll never work. Love is what puts it over.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

When that bull was going to kill me that day, it run right up on me. When this maniac... Oh, there’s so many things. If it...

I didn’t get angry with that man. I thought, “The poor fellow. He don’t want to hurt me. That’s the devil in that man.” How many was there when that happened? And I said, “Sure.” I said, “There’s...” I didn’t despise him. I said...

He said, “Tonight I’m going to knock you out in the middle of that audience.”

He could do it, too. He’s about two or three hundred pounds, about that tall. And I weighed a hundred and twenty-eight. He was physically able. I didn’t want to, just never said a thing, wait. Just let the Holy Spirit say it. Then he said what he was going to do.

And then the Holy Spirit said back, “Because you challenged the Spirit of God tonight, you’ll fall over my feet.”

He said, “I’ll show you whose feet I’ll fall over,” threw back that big arm.

I said, “Come out of him, Satan.”

And his eyes bulged way out; he swelled out like that, and fell down, and pinned my feet to the floor.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Went to show the God of David still lives. Certainly. He can defeat Goliath on any grounds He meets him on. But you better not try to do it yourself. You better let the Holy Spirit say it.

’Cause see, the whole ministry of these years has worked up to this new ministry now, putting it back, “If thou canst believe. I can if thou will believe.” See? Oh, it’s going to be wonderful; I’m just sure. All right, if you can believe...

Now, how many’s in the building that never did—was in my meetings before? Let’s see your hands, anybody? Well, my, there’s a group of them, never did see one of the meetings. All right. All that’s in the building that know when I first started out that the person that laid their hands on me, it was a discernment like on my hand, my hand would swell up and little white things run over it, would be able to tell them what was wrong? Raise up your hand. All right.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Then I told you that the Angel that spoke to me, said it’ll come to pass, if I be sincere, I’ll know the very secret of their heart. As Moses was given two gifts to confirm his ministry to bring the children of Israel out of bondage, that this would be two signs given me. That time I couldn’t say, I didn’t know. Then, later, what happened? Now, how many ever see it come to pass then, that He knowed the very secret of their heart? All right, there you are. Them—them ministries still live today. Yeah...

But now, the next one comes in: speak and it shall be so. But I cannot speak until the anointing strikes me, and the anointing can’t strike me till the people believes it. See? That’s just back in the lap of the people again.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Here, this lady here, is this the one is the patient? Lady, I’m a stranger to you. We do not know one another. Is that right? Now, be reverent just for a few minutes. Be reverent. Now, here’s a woman that we’ve never met before in life. And I don’t know her, and she don’t know me. God knows, as far as I know, I’ve never seen the woman in my life. She’s probably seen me from the audience, but I—I don’t know.

Now, let’s see if the first ministry... Now, if she’s got any kind of affliction without a germ... Now see, if it’s a germ disease, that’s a—a spirit of death. How many knows that? What is a cancer? A cancer come the Greek word “crab,” meaning “many legs,” and it’s a little cell that comes in you, and begins to multiply cells, and builds a great big thing in there, sucks your blood out of you and kills you. You know, that poisons you.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, you’re just a little cell, too. You started, come from your father. And the mother produced the egg, and the little blood cell crawled in there, and begin to develop, and it made you what you are. Dog, bird, everything after its kind... But this don’t have no form. It’s a devil. Jesus called it: “When the deaf and dumb spirit came out of the man, he could speak and hear.” “In My Name, they shall cast out devils.”

Now, if the woman’s crippled, or something or other like sugar diabetes, that’s a chemical thing. But if it’s—if it’s a germ disease, I’ll—it’ll tell on my hand. Now, come here, lady. Do you know—do you know what’s wrong with you? Don’t tell me, but do you know? You don’t know what’s wrong. All right. Now, put your hand on mine here, cross this way. See? Yes, sir, she has a germ disease. Would you walk this way so I can see? Yes, sir.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, I want the audience to see this. I want you to look at my hand. Looks just like an ordinary man’s hand, doesn’t it? Now, watch this woman when she puts her left hand, or her right hand, on my left. Turn this way, sister, so it just lay across my hand. Now, look at it. See it puff up there? See those little white things run over top of it? That’s going like this way, “Phrrr, phrrr, phrrr, phrrr!” Now, watch here. Watch her take this hand. Put this hand on it. Doesn’t change it a bit. Stays just the same. Now, take this hand off. Now, put this hand on. There it is, swelling again starting. Is that right? You’re looking right at it. Did you ever see that before? No, never saw it.

Now, now here’s how I find out what’s wrong. I just lay your hand here a minute. It’s a female trouble, a lady’s trouble. If that’s right, raise up your hand. It’s an infection in the female gland. She’s got an abscess on the ovary. That’s exact... She’s got pains, high. Now, she also has a drainage problem. Now, that... Now, lady, now I can’t take it away. See? But by the Spirit of God, I can make the spirit leave there. And you can watch it. Now, I want you...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Have you ever been in the meetings, several times and heard me preaching? Do you solemnly believe that what I say about that is the truth? Do you believe that Pillar of Fire that they got the picture of? Do you believe that’s the Angel of the Lord with all your heart? All right, now, be real reverent. Now, watch.

I want you to... I’ll lay my hand here if you want to. See, it’s not the way I hold my hand. See? Any way it goes, it’s the same, isn’t it? Yes, the lady’s looking right. Can you see it from the audience? See?

Now, watch. Just take your hand off. Watch. See? There it goes back normal. Now, take this hand and put on here. You’re just as human in one hand as you are in the other. Now, put my hand on it. Doesn’t change a bit. Now, put your hand there on there. There it is again. See?

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, that evidently shows that something is in that woman’s not right. Now, the anointing of the Holy Spirit’s on me which is Life. She’s a Christian, ’cause her spirit feels welcome. See? I know she’s a Christian. But there’s something in there trying to take her life. That’s the devil. Now, isn’t that wonderful? And then, it’s not making me anything of myself. Just let it happen. It goes back.

Now, watch here, now, so that you’ll to get a good view. Now, I want you, yourself, to watch the hand. Now, if it goes out, okay. If it doesn’t, ’course I—I can’t... Now, if you’ll believe, now. See? That’s what I’m asking you. You will believe, if it leaves, that it will stay away. You’ll—you’ll keep faith up there and keep... When the unclean spirit’s gone out of a person, he walks in dry places. Is that right? Returns again... Say something happened.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Billy, I just found out what’s... Leo, I just found out my watch. I... This is a three hundred dollar watch that they give me over in Switzerland. And it... Loyce, you know, and Becky, you know, it hasn’t kept time for the last four or five days. It had been running wild. I just heard it stop just then again. The vibration of that thing... How many remembers in the beginning how it would stop? How many remembers it would stop my watch? There is it right now, stopped again. That’s what does it. See, the second hand’s perfectly dead. I just happened to think, that’s what done it. There it is again.

Now, put your hand on here. And one wouldn’t believe in holiness. What about all the earrings and things then. Unnecessary stuff... But the Holy Spirit stops that. Whether that’s for that part or not, I don’t know. But the watch won’t move, won’t even operate as long... And that’s a—a Vulcain Cricket, the best the Swiss makes. They give it to me with my name in it.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, sister... Now, how many in there, in this audience, solemnly believes and knows that something’s happening here? If you could see it. I wish I had time for every one of you to come by. Is anybody up on the platform never seen it? You all have seen it, I guess. You’ve seen it, you, you. You seen it, Roy? Come here.

Roy’s one of our new associates. Now, Brother Roy, look at my hand. Looks just ordinarily, put my hand on it, looks ordinarily. See? I put her hand, this hand on, looks ordinarily. Now, put this hand on here and watch what happens. There she goes. See what I mean? See how it swells up and them little things hit me? Now, that is a death that’s in her, vibrating against life and life’s holding it back.

Now, which is strongest, life or death? Life. Which is the strongest, light or dark? No matter how little the light is, it’ll shine in darkness. So then, the power of God is much stronger than the power of death, because He’s Life. Which was first, life or death? Life. What is death? Life perverted. What is—what is unrighteousness? What is sin? Righteousness perverted.

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Here, you might know this. You live with your wife as a wife. That’s legal; that’s fine; that’s all right, holy. And bed’s undefiled. The same act with another woman, you’re hell-bound. What is it? Righteousness perverted. See?

Now, same as this. Now, this woman here has a spirit of life in her as a Christian. She has the spirit of death in her as a germ. That would finally form a cancer. She’d die. Taken her life, led her to a premature grave. Now, if you will believe with all heart... Come here, Roy. Anyway, if you will believe with all your heart... She says she will. It’ll help her. You—you watch my hand, Roy. You watch my hand.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

And I wish that you, especially you ladies, would bow your heads, ’cause this thing, when it comes out, it’ll go somewhere else. How many knows that? The Bible said so. It’ll go somewhere else, if it can get in somewhere else. Now, I’ll hold my hand just like that, Roy. Never move it. Now, see if it’ll go out. Everybody reverent now, be in prayer.

Heavenly Father, I don’t know when I could ever come back to the Falls—Klamath Falls again. I hope right away, Lord. But if I would come back in a year, there’s many here, if I live, they’ll not be here. They’ll go on. And I want this to be a sure sign, that everything that I can do, that they might know that God is God. And I pray for this woman and ask that this evil thing that’s about to take her life will come out and leave her. Grant it, Father, in the Name of Jesus, Thy Son.

Now, it hasn’t left her, ’cause it’s still hitting my hand. I’ve never opened my eyes. God knows. But, Brother Roy, it’s still swelling and running like—like it did. Sister, before I open my eyes, it’s still swelling, isn’t it? Still just the same as it was. It did not come out.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, that you might know that the Word of God is right, now, if this woman... I haven’t went into discernment with her. But believing that she’s a Christian and prayed up... Now—now, God gives us power not to heal, but to cast out of spirits. Now, you keep your eye on there and see if it leaves. Now, Roy, you watch and see, or any of you, you want to watch and see if my hand moves or anything.

Heavenly Father, that the world might know, we don’t ask for miracles; a weak and adulterous generation does that. But that the world might know that You are still keeping Your Word. I command this devil that’s bothering my sister, in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her.

Now, there it went. Now, before I open my eyes, my hand has turned back white from the blue-red; the little white dots has ceased. Is that right? Open your eyes, everybody. Now, I’ll look myself. There it is. Now, would you all look for that, brethren? Something happened, didn’t it?

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, look here. I’ll stick this hand and put it on here. See how it looks? Now, I’ll take this hand and put it on here. Look here, sister. Just the same as the other one. Can you see it from there? Now, what happened? The devil was cast out. The woman’s free. She can go on her way rejoicing. That’s right. Now, she’s seen it. These ministers seen it. And you from there saw it. And you got our word that it’s true, if you’ll just believe.

Come, lady. Now, everyone reverent. Let’s see this woman here. Let’s just see your hand a minute, before we start the prayer line. Let’s see your hand. Turn your hand over like this. I don’t know you, first. Are we strangers to one another? We’re born miles apart, years apart; you’re much younger than I. But this is our first time meeting. Yes, sir, she does have a—a germ disease. Yes, sir. Stomach trouble, do you believe with all your heart that the Lord Jesus can heal you and make you well? You do.

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Now, I want you to watch. Now, move your hand off of mine. Now, look how my hand turns. Now, let me have the handkerchief you wanted someone before it turns over. Now, looky there. Just ordinarily, isn’t it? Now, take your handkerchief back here. Now, take this hand and turn it right in here. Now, look at it swell. See it? See them little white things running over it? Now, that’s from the vibration which the ulcerated condition would cause her to—to hemorrhage or anything else. See?

Now, now, I cannot heal the woman, but by a gift of God, I can make the evil leave her. You are a Christian? You’ve prayed up? You’ll give God praise? You believe me to be His servant? You believe this to be the Truth? All right. Now, watch my hand. Anybody want, if you want to watch it, you’re more than welcome.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

I want you to notice, it’s not the position of the hand or anything, it’s just the same as it was. Now, let’s bow our heads. Now, if you’re a little allergic to stomach trouble, this is caused from a nervous condition. Now—now, if you’ll just bow your heads just a minute.

Our heavenly Father, not that it would be a public show, but that these people standing in this prayer line might have faith to be prayed for and healed. Let it be known, Lord, that Thou art God and I am Your servant. I pray that You’ll confirm Your Word today by casting out evil spirits. Lord, the end is nigh. The time is coming. And people must know assure that we, the Christians, know that our hope is not built upon some kind of a mystic something, but upon, purely, the Word of God and a God who can make all things work together for us.

Now, Father, I’ve asked You to be with me and help me as I go by faith to challenge this devil that’s harmed my sister. Satan, I charge thee by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by His resurrection and triumph over you; He stripped you of all legal powers. You’re nothing but a bluff. We’re calling your hand. By a gift of God given to me, ministered by an Angel, I charge thee in Jesus’ Name, come out of the woman. Leave her and let her go.

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Now, he’s left. If it leaves, my hands quit (I’ve never looked at it) but it quit vibrating. Is that right? There it is. There it is (See?); it turned normal. Now, it’s gone from you. You go on your road and rejoice and say, “Thank you, Lord.” And be made well.

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that...” Do you believe it? Now, have faith in God.

How many out there... Now, that’s one gift working by that. Now, to another gift... Do you believe with all your heart? How many out there’s sick or got something wrong with you? Raise up your hands. Just so that you know before we pray for the sick. God help me.

Now, be reverent. Set still. No matter where you are, balcony, up-and-down the rows, no matter... It—it doesn’t matter a bit; you just keep on believing. Just be reverent.

Now, don’t—don’t make yourself... You’re getting nervous. Just quieten yourself. Say, “Lord, I believe.” Say, “I’m a stranger to the man. Let him tell me, and I’ll believe with all my heart if he’d just let me say ...?... say to me.”

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Be real reverent, everyone. See? Each time you move, your spirit... See, it’s... I got your position, where you’re at, feeling your vibration. Then when the—when you move, then it interrupts the spirit (See?), and I don’t get it.

Here—here’s a man setting on the corner, right here. Seems like I know his face. I don’t remember who he is. Did you have up your hand just a few minutes ago? You did? Would you know I don’t know what’s wrong with you? I have no way of knowing. But do you believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, can reveal to me what’s wrong with you, sir? You seem to be... You’ve got a growth. That’s right. The growth is in the ear. Do you believe with all your heart now, that He will heal you? All right. Have faith.

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Did that kind of shake you, lady? What about them varicose veins? Think that God would heal those veins? Huh? Do you? You’re up for an operation this next week on them. Do you believe that God will make you well? If that’s right, raise up your hand, lady? All right. Now, I want to ask you something. Just as soon as I spoke to that man, something struck you. Was that right? If it is, wave your hand?

It’s because that Light went right off the top of the man right on to the woman. I don’t know neither one of them, and I—I seen this man somewhere. I can’t tell who he is, but I’ve seen his face, but I don’t know who he is. But Jesus Christ knows him. He knows all about him. He’s the same Lord Jesus, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Do you believe it with all your heart?

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Here’s a lady setting here with her head bowed. I never seen her in my life. But she’s praying, “Lord, let it be me.” The woman, she has bad feet, and she’s got heart trouble. And she’s praying for herself, if she don’t miss it. The lady... Oh, my. The lady is not from here; she’s from California. Her name is Miss Goodwin. Do you believe now? Raise up to your feet if that’s right, if every bit of it’s the truth, and you’re setting praying for that, raise your hand? Are we strangers, one another? Wave your hand like this. All right, return to your home. Jesus Christ makes you well.

If they won’t believe this, they will believe that. They have to believe that. Oh, if you can only believe. If... Yes...

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

There’s a lady setting right back there looking at me, and she’s got—she’s got a lump in her left breast. Do you believe that God will heal you, lady, and make you well? If you believe it with all your heart? All right.

Here’s another lady setting right back here. No, it’s a man she’s praying for. It’s her brother-in-law; he’s got cancer of the throat. Do you believe that God will make him well? Respond to it quickly if you don’t... All right. I seen the man vanishing away. You see? You must... When you’re called, answer quickly. Don’t doubt. Believe with all your heart.

Man setting back there with an asthmatic condition, coughing. You believe God will make you well? Believe it with all your heart? If you can believe it, all right, Mr. Lowe, and God will make you well if you’ll believe it. Why did I have to call your name? Do you believe it? Every one, have faith. Just have faith in God.

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You want to get rid of that stomach trouble, sir, back there suffering with your stomach? If you do, stop smoking them cigarettes, and God will heal your stomach. Amen.

You believe with all your heart? How many believes now with all your heart, say, “I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will heal the sick.”

What do you think? Believe the back trouble will leave you, and God will make you well, and you’ll go home and be well? All right, just take onto your road and believe with all your heart. All right.

Do you believe with all your heart? You believe the heart trouble will get well? You believe you’d be all right? A woman preacher ought to, anyhow, if you believe with all your heart. Go on your road.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Now, look. I’m beginning to feel myself weakening right now. I got too many in the line. How many believes? If the first gift works, the second gifts works, the third’s got to work. It’s God. Now, how many of you in this prayer line out there has already prayed through and believe it’s God’s will to heal you? Raise up your hands.

Lady, have you prayed through, believe that God’s going to heal you? Then there ain’t nothing for me to do, but just cast out the devil, and let her go on and be well. She’s already prayed through isn’t it? Is that right? Now, how many of you will join with me in prayer, that each of these people when they come by laying on hands of them, they’ll get well. Do you believe that? All right, you all come through with all your heart now, just walk steady, right.

Now, just a moment. Before that, I’m trying to get that anointing. It’s so hard to get it away after it once get on for that. I see a child keep appearing before me, here. It look like a rupture or something on a child. It’s you, praying for a baby there. I challenge you to believe God. I challenge you to believe Him. Don’t be afraid; it’s Christ, the Son of God. Fear not; only believe. All things are possible.

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Come now, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may the devil leave.

Come, my brother. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out this devil.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out this evil one.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out this evil one.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out the evil from the child.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out the evil.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out of the evil.

Do you believe them people will be healed? Sure. Do you believe it? You that’s went through the line, are they going to be well? Do you believe it? Have faith now. I want to see if something echoes back. Be in prayer now; everybody in prayer. And when you come through here, believe, if you don’t it won’t do a bit of good. All right.

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I cast out the evil from my brother in Jesus’ Name.

Come, sister. Have faith now. I cast the evil away from sister and bless her in Jesus’ Name.

I cast away the evil and ask for the blessings of God in Jesus’ Name.

I cast away the evil by laying on hands. “In My Name, they shall cast out devils,” said Jesus. Amen.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out the evil from my brother.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast the evil from the children and the little one. God bless her. Didn’t grow very well... Do you believe it’s going to be straightened? It’ll grow right if you will. Yeah, yeah, I know. See, if I start that, it just keeps moving on and on and trying to work another ministry. But now, listen. If you believe me with all your heart, your children’s going to be well. Do you believe that? God’s give you what you’ve asked for. Now, just go, believe.

You had that. You won’t have it no more now if you’ll just believe it.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast out the evil.

Now, what it was, the little lady was kinda weak in faith. I just had to tell her about the children, so it would make her have faith. That’s all. See? All right.

Lord, in Jesus’ Name, I pray for my sister and cast out the evil in Jesus’ Name.

I cast away the evil from this sister in Jesus’ Name.

I cast away the evil from my sister in Jesus’ Name.

I cast away the evil from my sister in Jesus’ Name.

Still think you got the call? Huh? Think you want to preach the Gospel? Lord, help the little one, I pray, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. God bless you.

Bless her little heart. She asked a request for her father. Bless her little heart. God bless you, honey. God will take care of papa and bring him back.

God, in Jesus’ Name heal my sister.

Heal my brother, God, in Jesus’ Name.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, heal my sister.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, heal my sister.

Oh, God, heal my sister in Jesus’ Name.

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Heal my brother in Jesus’ Name.

Heal my sister in the Name of Jesus.

Heal my brother the Name of Jesus Christ.

Heal my sister in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Heal my little brother here. Think it will leave you? In the Name of Jesus...

Heal my sister, God, in Jesus’ Name.

Heal this, my sister, in Jesus’ Name.

Heal this, my sister, Father, in Jesus’ Name.

Heal this, my sister; I cast away the evil from her in Jesus’ Name.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast away the evil.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast away the evil.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast away the evil from my brother.

In the Name of Jesus Christ, I cast away the evil from my brother. Amen.

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Do you believe they were healed? Does the Bible say this? Now, let’s just take this for just a moment. Can God be wrong? Can God lie? Why, it’s impossible, isn’t it, friends? It’s totally impossible for God to lie.

Now, is the—the lady with the little one there? Now, to you that just went through this prayer line, that’s the way that baby went through the prayer line, one week ago today. Is that right, sister? All right. Did you hear my sermon, how I mentioned about something like that? Now, there’s the little baby on its road well, all healing up. Now, you just watch if the same thing doesn’t take place with you.

Now, you see, friends, God can go some—so far, but you’ve got to meet Him on them grounds there. You believe it? What do you think about it? You?

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

Think the stomach get all right, be made well? That’s your wife setting there, kinda a sleeping like disease or something. That’s correct. You got stomach trouble, and you’re a preacher. You believe the Gospel. Is that right? I never seen you in my life. We’re total strangers. Is that true? There’s a Light right over you. I’m watching it. Now, raise up your hand if that’s the truth, both of you. Put your hand over on your wife. Wife, put your hand over on him.

Satan, you are exposed. Come off of them servants of God. I command you in Jesus Christ’s Name; depart from them. There you are. Now, rest in peace.

See there? That man setting there, I never seen him in my life. And there the Spirit caught him, right like that. And I seen that Light flash around over the building. I looked out and thought, “What was that? Some reflection out there?” And I looked. Here come that Light settling right down over them; then a vision broke out over the top of them. Never seen them in my life. They wasn’t in the prayer line. You—you wasn’t in the prayer line, was you, sir? You had no prayer card or nothing. No, ’cause there’s no prayer cards out. So then, all the prayer cards are gone. See? So there you are.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

See? It’s just your faith in God. What more could Christ do? He can come here, and hold His hands out, and say, “I am He. Fear not; I am He. Believe Me and be healed.”

Is that right? Oh, don’t you love Him? Isn’t He wonderful?

Isn’t He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful?

Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful?

Eyes have seen, ears have heard, what’s recorded in God’s Word:

Isn’t Jesus our Lord wonderful?

Let’s all sing it together.

Isn’t He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful?

Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful?

Listen now, what He said.

Eyes have seen, ears have heard, what’s recorded in God’s Word:

Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful?

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Oh, let’s just raise up our hands and praise Him. Oh, Lord, Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley, Morning Star, Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End, He that was, which is and shall come, Root and Offspring of David, Counsellor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, wonderful... Oh, how we thank and praise Thee, our Lord, for Your goodness and Your mercy to the children of men.

How we praise Thee and magnify Thee, Thou righteous and truly Son of God. We thank Thee for what our eyes have seen, our ears have heard; our eyes have seen the Holy Spirit.

Like the poet said, “My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.” Truly, Lord, my ears have heard Your voice speak, see It act and take place, that devils is subject unto You. Oh, Lord, devils is subject under Your Name. Devils is subject under Your power, and secrets of hearts is being made known. The sick are being healed. The afflicted people are getting well. The blind see; the deaf hear, the lame walk; the dead’s raised up. The coming of the Lord is at hand. How we thank Thee, Lord.

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God bless Klamath Falls, Lord. Pour out Your Spirit on these ministers and pastors here, God, upon Your Church, upon all the neighboring cities around about. Save every soul that can be saved, God. Grant it. I command that You grant it.

And then, Father, these handkerchiefs that’s laying here, they represent sick people. Someone, somewhere, is suffering. When these handkerchiefs come upon the people, may the Holy Ghost come upon them and heal their sickness. Grant it, Lord. We thank and praise Thee for all that Thou hast done.

And if there be one here, Lord, yet, that doesn’t have faith after seeing You, may they not feel that it’s spooky or something wrong. May they hear that sweet Voice say, “Fear not; it is I. Be of a good courage.”

And then, let them welcome You into their little bark this afternoon. They shall go to their home rejoicing and praising God, saying, “We seen Him.” Like those who came from Emmaus after they’d walked and cried all day and through the night, and know that You was dead, and put in the grave, and buried. Then You walked with them. And then when You got them in a room to theirself, You did something just like You did before You were crucified. And they knowed that You alone did that, so they recognized it was You. You’ve done the same thing for us, today.

Noch kein Übersetzungstext vorhanden

After two thousand years, here You are today in the meeting doing the same thing You done before Your crucifixion. Surely, You’re not dead, Lord. You live for evermore. You’ve raised from the dead, triumphed over the dead. All Your enemies have been made Your footstool, and You give Your power to Your Church, and to Your people. You met here, and You ascended on high and give gifts to men. And here we are in the end time, the evening Light’s a shining. “It’ll be light,” said the poet, “in the evening time. The path of glory you will surely find.”

Oh, God, let people find that path and walk in it. We thank You for everyone that has found it; and we praise Thee for it. Heal every sick person that’s in the city, every person that’s here in the church. If there be one here, in the balcony, anywhere around that’s sick or suffering, let my prayer atone for them, while the anointing of the Holy Ghost is upon me. Let the Spirit of God, Who can discern the thoughts of the heart...

As the Bible said, “The Word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword, even to a piercing to the asunder the marrow of the bone and a discerner of the thoughts of the heart.”

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Now, what is the Word of God? “In the beginning was the Word. The Word was with God. And the Word was God; and the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

Here He is in the resurrection today, dwelling among us: The Word being preached by the power of the Holy Ghost and discerning the thoughts of the heart. Hallelujah. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. Let the people see it, Lord, before it’s ever too late. I commend them to You in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Do you believe? Do you believe with all your heart? Can you accept it? I commend you to Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith, and to the pastor as God’s servant. God bless you, till I see you again.

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