So 28.08.1955, abends
Lausanne, Kanton Waadt, Schweiz
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Herren, wir möchten Jesus gerne sehen

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Thank you so much; makes me feel so welcome. And I—I trust that I will be able to come back right away and stay about two weeks for a longer meeting. You pray for me and I’ll be praying for you.

And now in the services, we just about get acquainted and then we have to leave again. But if God willing, we’ll be back again. And now, I thank you for your kindness, been very kind; and give me your undivided attention, you have.

And I have learned tonight that the... this revival will continue on. A Mr. Scott and other ministers will continue the meeting on. It’ll go on this Monday night just... I have met Mr. Scott. He was an Englishman, but has been in France many years. He’s kind of a pioneer, in France, establishing Pentecostal work. I’m sure he can speak very good French, so come out and hear our brother.

I don’t know the other ministers that’s going to follow with him, but I sincerely pray for them that God will just give you a great meeting and may it just become a—a nationwide affair till all Switzerland will go to serving God with all their heart. And I pray that He will heal all the sickness in your land and give you long, happy lives. And I hope to meet you, every one, in Glory someday. Until that time, let’s serve Him and love Him with all of our hearts.

Now, I want to thank the cooperating pastors. I met some of the finest men at that breakfast. They were of different denominations, but we were one in heart. And I—and I pray that it’ll always be that way, that we’ll be big enough in Christ to look over denominational barriers and see our brothers and sisters and love them and serve God with them.

I want to thank the—the ushers that stands here at the door and helps me. And I want to thank my—my voice of French. I slipped up on him, that time. I was taking it easy. I took it easy so he wouldn’t know. I have a very fine voice in French. He’s certainly done a wonderful job, to my way of seeing it. The Lord bless my brother. I told him when I coming back, I want him to be my voice again. [Blank spot on tape.]...bless you.

And if I’ve left out anyone, I didn’t mean to. And from the bottom of our heart, I say this for Dr. Guggenbuhl, and for Mr. Arganbright, Mr. Bosworth, and Billy Paul: We wish you good health. God’s blessings on you. Pray for us. We must go home right away, start another meeting right away.

Now, tonight, I... Mr. Bosworth has just preached to you, and I—I’m sure you enjoy Mr. Bosworth’s message. Now, I’m not going to preach tonight. I kept you so long this afternoon.

And you were so gallant because you stayed through the storm. Satan didn’t want us to have that meeting. But we held on, God give us the victory. Around about thirty-five hundred have stood up to renew with Christ. And I was just told that two thousand signed a—a card of—of salvation. We praise the Lord. Can you see why Satan was angry? Didn’t do him no good, God ruleth. Amen.

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Now, I’m just going to give you a little testimony. But it’s a little testimony of—of the work of the Lord, a little inside part of my own life. I feel that we love one another well enough, that you know that I’m not here for personal fame. I’m here for Jesus.

So just to give a little testimony, before we do that, we want to read just a verse or two out of God’s Word. I want the translator to read Saint John 12, the last three verses. And may the Lord add His blessings to the Word. (Here, here we go. See?) ...?... [Blank spot on tape.]

[The interpreter reads Saint John 12:20-22 in French:

"And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast: The same came therefore to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus. Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: and again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus."]

The Lord add His blessings to us.

Now, we’ll not speak on this subject, but just to read some of His Word. I just love His Word.

And now, everyone pray. I want to see every one of you healed tonight. If I could do it, I’d do it. If your doctor could do it, he would do it. But it takes Christ, and it takes your faith in Christ. And God... and then God will do it.

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Now, these Greeks that came to Philip, their heart’s desire was to see Jesus. How many has that same desire tonight? Everyone. We all want to see Him. That’s the call of the human heart: "Sir, We Would See Jesus". Now, that’s what we want to do tonight.

Let’s just think a minute. Now, let’s just get away from all of our fantastic ideas.

And if He’s so real as Christians claim He is, why can’t we see Him? We say He—He’s not dead, that He’s living. He said He’d be with us and every generation would see Him until the end of the world. Now, Jesus promised that. He said, “A little while the unbelievers won’t see Me no more. But you’ll see Me for I’ll be with you to the end of the world.” Then every generation has been promised to see Him. So let’s take a look for Him tonight. I want to see Him.

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I remember one time I was getting up my little old cabin, cold, I was trying to make a fire, and oh, if it wouldn’t burn. And I turned on the radio, and a sister was singing, I want to see Jesus. I just set down in the floor and just started weeping. I raised up both hands and I said, “Yes, Lord, I want to see You.”

And you want to see Him. And if He is so real, why can’t we see Him? If you were looking for Him tonight, what type of person would you look for? Would you look for a man in long robes, dressed different from other men? Not Jesus, He dressed just like other men. He was... if He was here in a body of flesh tonight, He’d wear a suit of clothes like we have. And we couldn’t look for a well-dressed man, and I don’t imagine He would look like He was from a bandbox.

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We wouldn’t go out to the great, great cathedrals to find Him, for when He was here they wouldn’t receive Him. And they wouldn’t again tonight. Would you go to a man that had a great forceful voice? No. Would you look for a man that had a great swelling education, that had so much education till He continually spoke in tongues? Just so common people couldn’t understand Him? Not Jesus. He talked like common people. So where would you find Him? You’d have to find Him among the common people. He’d be a common Man.

Then what would He be doing? Bragging on His education? Bragging on His affiliation in churches? No. Would He be bragging He was a healer? No. He’d be saying, “Not Me, it’s the Father that dwelleth in Me; He doeth the works. If thou canst believe, all things are possible.” He would look out over the audience, the people suffering, He’d say, when they had faith, “Daughter,” or “child, thy faith has saved thee from such and such diseases.” Then if the Father would tell Him something, He’d speak it out to the audience. That’s the kind of Jesus we’d look for.

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Now, His body, with nail scars in it, has not come back yet. It’s setting at the right hand of God. See, He’s setting on the Father’s throne now. But when He comes back, He’s going to set on His Own throne, the throne of David that He inherited. That’s when He comes in physical form. But He’s here now in spiritual form, working through your body, and my body. That’s Him now.

So we see Him by the works He does. They couldn’t believe that He was God, so He said, “If you can’t believe Me, believe the works that I do, for the works that I do, testify that the Father sent Me.” See? They couldn’t believe a Man being God, that said, “Just look at the work.” He said, “If I do not the work of My Father...” What did He mean by that? He said, “If I do not the work of My Father, believe Me not. But if I do the work of My Father, then believe Me. The Father’s testifying of Me.” What was the work of the Father? Watch how accurate, everything He said; look exactly what He said and what He prophesied. Perfect. They knowed it was God. Now, God’s in us, the Hope of Glory. Oh, I just love to talk of Him.

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Now, just a little inside life, just a little testimony, then we’re going to start praying for the sick. And now, you just put all the faith you got right on Jesus and watch what happens. I’m just looking for something tonight. I’m looking for a great climax in this meeting. Aren’t you looking that way? Keep believing it. This is a crucial moment, and I can feel it in the Spirit, just like something’s fixing to happen. I believe it is. I’m looking that way.

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One day, I was going down to Florida. I was riding on a train. I saw a vision. I saw a little boy with a... really poorly dressed. And he had a little bobbed-off hair. And he had been killed. His—his little foot had run through his stocking. It was all mashed up, and he was laying kind of sideways on the side of the road. Much green grass, great big rocks, and a lot of trees, evergreen trees, pine.

And I went on down to Florida. I seen Brother Bosworth. And I stood in a crowd about like this, and I told them there was a vision. And when they come, I write them down. I’ve got—got one written right here. It’s yet to come to pass. It’s written in hundreds of Bibles where they write them.

So I said to the people, “Write this down. That it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD, this will happen just like this. A little boy, killed, is going to be healed.” And I described it. Thousands wrote it all across the nation as I went. For two years, people wrote it down. Tens of thousands had it. Was published out in the paper, Voice of Healing. It got delivered in this country, everywhere.

Eines Tages ging ich nach Florida herrunter. Ich war in einem Zug unterwegs. Ich sah eine Vision. Ich sah einen kleinen Jungen mit einem … sehr ärmlich gekleidet. Und er hatte kurz geschnittenes Haar. Und er war getötet worden. Sein... sein kleiner Fuß war durch seinen Strumpf gestoßen. Es war alles zerquetscht, und er lag irgendwie seitwärts am Straßenrand. Viel grünes Gras, ein riesiger Felsen; und viele Bäume, immergrüne Bäume...??.......

Und ich ging weiter nach Florida. Ich habe Bruder Bosworth gesehen. Und ich stand so in einer Menge und sagte ihnen, dass es eine Vision gibt. Und wenn sie kommen, schreibe ich sie auf. Ich versuche.... ich habe eine, die genau hier aufgeschrieben steht. Es ist noch nicht geschehen. Es steht in Hunderten von Bibeln, wo sie sie aufgeschrieben haben.

Also sagte ich zu den Leuten: "Schreibt das auf. Es ist: "SO SPRICHT DER HERR", das wird genau so geschehen. Ein kleiner Junge, der getötet wurde, wird geheilt." Ich habe es beschrieben. Tausende schrieben es in der ganzen Nation, als ich weiter ging. Es waren drei Jahre. Die Leute haben es aufgeschrieben. Zehntausende hatten es. Es wurde in der Zeitung "Voice of Healing" veröffentlicht. Das musste überall in diesem Land geschehen.

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Then a few days after I seen the vision, I was coming out to the large tent. Brother Bosworth was there that night. And there was a man met me. And he said, “Brother Branham, I’m sure your vision is my little boy. He’s laying right back out here dead, been dead since this morning. He drowned in a irrigation ditch.” Said, “Come, see him. And I won’t even let the undertaker take him.”

Well, I said, “All right.”

I taken some with me. But when I seen the little boy, it wasn’t him. The little boy I seen was about eight or nine years old. This little boy was about five. The little boy I seen was very poorly dressed, but this little boy, very well dressed. The little boy I seen had brown hair. And this little boy had slick black hair. There was no rocks, no grass, no trees; it wasn’t the vision. So I just offered prayer for his comfort.

Dann, ein paar Tage nachdem ich die Vision gesehen hatte, ging ich zu dem großen Zelt hinaus. Bruder Bosworth war in dieser Nacht dort. Und da war ein Mann, der mich traf. Und er sagte: "Bruder Branham, ich bin sicher, deine Vision ist mein kleiner Junge." Er liegt tot hier draußen und ist seit heute Morgen tot. Er ertrank in einem Bewässerungsgraben." Er sagte: "Komm, sieh ihn dir an. Und ich werde nicht einmal zulassen, dass der Bestatter ihn mitnimmt."

Warum? Ich sagte: "In Ordnung."

Ich habe einige mit mir genommen. Aber als ich den kleinen Jungen sah, war er es nicht. Der kleine Junge, den ich sah, war etwa acht oder neun Jahre alt. Dieser kleine Junge war ungefähr fünf Jahre alt. Der kleine Junge, den ich sah, war sehr schlecht gekleidet, aber dieser kleine Junge war sehr gut gekleidet. Der kleine Junge, den ich sah, hatte braunes Haar. Und dieser kleine Junge hatte glattes schwarzes Haar. Es gibt keinen Stein, kein Gras, keine Bäume; es war nicht die Vision. Also habe ich nur das Gebet für seinen Trost angeboten.

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Later on, about two years later, I was way up at Kuopio, Finland. And many of the brethren taken me up on a tower and was showing me around. Many times in these meetings, I don’t eat much, sometimes fast for several days. I’d been fasting, then, three or four days. I do that because the Bible said, “These come out only by fast and prayer.” I said to my... one of my managers, Mr. Lindsay, the editor of The Voice of Healing, “Something’s fixing to happen.”

He said, “Why?”

I said, “I don’t know.”

I went down the tower, and there I met an Englishman. He was drinking. He said, “What are they doing up there?”

I said, “They’re singing hymns.”

He said, “I don’t believe in no such.”

I said, “You ought to be ashamed.” And a few minutes later, we led him to Jesus.

Später, etwa zwei Jahre später, war ich in Kuopio, Finnland, ganz oben. Und viele der Brüder nahmen mich mit auf einen Turm und führten mich herum. Viele Male in diesen Meetings esse ich nicht viel, manchmal faste ich mehrere Tage. Ich hatte dann drei oder vier Tage gefastet. Ich tue das, weil die Bibel sagte, dass diese nur durch Fasten und Gebet herauskommen. Ich sagte zu meinem Manager, Mr. Lindsay, dem Herausgeber der Voice of Healing, dass "etwas passieren wird".

Er sagte: "Warum?"

Ich sagte: "Ich weiß nicht." Ich ging den Turm hinunter, und dort traf ich einen Engländer. Er trank. Er sagte: "Was machen die da oben?"

Ich sagte: "Sie singen Hymnen."

Er sagte: "Ich glaube nicht an so etwas."

Ich sagte: "Du solltest dich schämen." Und ein paar Minuten später führten wir ihn zu Jesus.

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We got in the cars and started down the hill. As I looked off over the mountain, I seen people running way down, many miles, and I seen a car turned over. I said, “There must be an accident.” So about twenty minutes later, we came to the accident. Some of my brethren, Mr. Moore, Mr. Lindsay, and many of them, they got out of the car, and they looked what had happened. Two little boys, one about nine, one about five, had started to cross the road, and an American-made Ford had—had come around the bend real fast. If any of you have ever been to Finland, if any of you has ever visit Finland, there’s very few cars. They’re very poor people, but very fine people, real Christians, devout.

And I noticed, and one little boy, when they started to separate, the car turned sideways to the right side of the road, and the fender hit one little boy under the chin, and threw him across the road, and slammed him up against a tree, and there he dropped. The other little boy went—went under the car, and the car rolled him up, and kicked his little body way up in the air, and he fell over in a grass patch. So they had taken the first little boy, he was breathing, they took him to the hospital. And so the other little boy they had laying there, and they—they had a coat over him. About three hundred people standing, and the chief man of the city was there. They’d sent to get—get the father and mother, who was working way away on a farm, to come to the scene.

Wir stiegen in die Autos und fuhren den Hügel hinunter. Als ich über den Berg hinausblickte, sah ich Menschen, die viele Kilometer weit nach unten rannten. Und ich, wie sich ein Auto überschlug. Ich sagte: "Es muss einen Unfall geben." So kamen wir etwa zwanzig Minuten später zu dem Unfall. Einige meiner Brüder, Herr Moore, Herr Lindsay und viele von ihnen, stiegen aus dem Auto aus, und sie sahen, was passiert war. Zwei kleine Jungs, einer von ihnen etwa neun und einer von ihnen etwa fünf, hatten begonnen, die Straße zu überqueren, und ein amerikanischer Ford war - hatte - musste - sehr schnell um die Kurve gekommen sein. Wenn einer von euch jemals in Finnland war..... Wenn einer von euch jemals Finnland besucht hat, es gibt nur sehr wenige Autos. Sie sind ein sehr armes Volk, aber sehr gute Menschen, echte Christen, gläubig, fromm / gläubig.

Und ich bemerkte, dass ein kleiner Junge, als sie anfingen, sich zu trennen - drehte das Auto seitlich auf die rechte Straßenseite, und der Kotflügel traf einen kleinen Jungen unter dem Kinn und warf ihn über die Straße und schlug ihn gegen einen Baum, und dort fiel er herunter. Der andere kleine Junge kam unter das Auto, und das Auto rollte ihn hoch und warf seinen kleinen Körper in die Luft, und er fiel auf eine Wiese. Also hatten sie den ersten kleinen Jungen mitgenommen; er atmete; sie brachten ihn ins Krankenhaus. Und so lag der andere kleine Junge, den sie dort hatten, und sie - sie legten einen Mantel über ihn. Etwa dreihundert Menschen standen da, und das Oberhaupt der Stadt war da. Sie mussten.... den Vater und die Mutter, die weit weg auf einem Bauernhof arbeiteten erreichen, um sie zum Tatort zu bekommen.

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My brethren got out and looked at the little boy, so they come back and told me, said, “Go, look at him, Brother Branham.”

I said, “Oh, no. I don’t want to see him.” My own little Billy, then, was just about that age. So I said, “I don’t want to see him.” I wasn’t going home for a long time, and I didn’t want to look at him. And after while, well, we had to wait for the mother to come, then they were going to take him to make him ready to be buried.

And Brother Lindsay said—said, “Come out and look at him, Brother Branham.” So I finally got out. And when they took the coat off of him, oh, my, that scene: his little eyes rolled back, his little tongue out, his little foot was mashed through his sock; his shoes had been knocked off of him; his little arms all crooked up. Oh, blood running out of his ears, out of his mouth, oh, he was terrible looking. And I started weeping, and I started to walk away.

Meine Brüder stiegen aus und sahen den kleinen Jungen an, also kamen sie zurück und sagten es mir. Sie sagten: "Geh, sieh ihn dir an, Bruder Branham."

Ich sagte: "Oh, nein. Ich will ihn nicht sehen. Mein eigener kleiner Billy muss etwa in diesem Alter sein." Also sagte ich: "Ich will ihn nicht sehen." Ich war lange Zeit nicht zu Hause und ich wollte ihn nicht ansehen." Und nach einer Weile - aber wir mussten warten, bis die Mutter kam, dann würden sie ihn nehmen und für die Beerdigung fertig zu machen.

Und Bruder Lindsay sagte: "Komm raus und sieh ihn dir an, Bruder Branham." Also kam ich endlich raus. Und als sie ihm den Mantel aufdeckten, oh, my, diese Szene: seine kleinen Augen waren zurückgerollt, seine kleine Zunge hing heraus, sein kleiner Fuß wurde durch seinen Socken gedrückt; seine Schuhe waren von ihm abgenommen worden; seine kleinen Arme waren alle verrenkt. Oh, Blut lief ihm aus den Ohren, aus dem Mund, oh, er sah schrecklich aus. Und ich fing an zu weinen. Und ich fing an, wegzugehen.

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Now, I don’t know how much you believe this. I can only tell what’s true. But I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder. I thought it was Brother Lindsay. And I turned to look at him, there’s nobody around me, and the hand was still on my shoulder. I turned again, I thought, “What is that?” Felt like someone’s hand. So I started to walk, and it felt like this: pull back. So I thought, “What is this?” See how—see how stupid a—a man can be? See? We don’t understand spiritual things.

And I looked down at the little boy, I said to my interpreter, “Have them to raise that again.” So they raised the coat. I looked at that face. I thought, “I seen that boy somewhere.” So I turned, and through the interpreter, I said, “Has this little boy been in the prayer line?” No one knew him. I said, “Seems like I’ve seen him.” I started to walk away; that hand again. I stopped again; I looked again. Happened to look up like this; there was the green field; there were the rocks lapped together; there was the trees. I said, “Let me look at him again.” There he was, his little short haircut, little brown eyes turned back, little foot through the sock, perfect to the picture. Oh, you don’t know how you feel then. All devils out of hell couldn’t stop it. Can’t stop it then, God had spoken. Oh, what a feeling! You know what’s going to happen.

Nun, ich weiß nicht, wie sehr du das glaubst. Ich kann nur sagen, was wahr ist. Aber ich fühlte, wie jemand seine Hand auf meine Schulter legte. Ich dachte, es wäre Bruder Lindsay. Und ich drehte mich um, um ihn anzusehen; es war niemand um mich herum, und die Hand war noch auf meiner Schulter. Ich drehte mich noch einmal um und dachte: "Was ist das?" Es fühlte sich an wie die Hand von jemandem. Also begann ich zu laufen, und es fühlte sich in dieser Weise an: <als ob dich jemand> zurück zieht. Da dachte ich: "Was ist das?" Siehst du, wie dumm ein Mann sein kann? Siehst du? Wir verstehen keine geistlichen Dinge.

Und ich blickte auf den kleinen Jungen herab und sagte durch meinen Dolmetscher: "Lass sie es noch einmal hochnehme. Also hoben sie den Mantel hoch. Ich sah mir dieses Gesicht an. Ich dachte: "Ich habe den Jungen irgendwo gesehen. Ist schon lange her." Und durch den Dolmetscher sagte ich: "War dieser kleine Junge in der Gebetslinie?" Niemand wusste es. Ich sagte: "Scheint so, als hätte ich ihn gesehen." Und ich fing an, wegzugehen, <uns fühlte> diese Hand wieder. Und ich blieb wieder stehen, und ich sah wieder hin. So sah es aus; da war die grüne Wiese; da waren die Felsen, die übereinander lagen; da waren die Bäume. Ich sagte: "Lass mich ihn noch einmal ansehen." Da war er; sein kleiner Kurzhaarschnitt, das kleine braune Auge zurückgedreht, kleiner Fuß in der Socke, perfekt zum Bild. Oh, du weißt nicht, wie du dich dann fühlst. Alle Teufel aus der Hölle konnten es nicht aufhalten. Dann kann man es nicht mehr aufhalten, Gott hatte gesprochen. Oh, was für ein Gefühl: Du weißt, was passieren wird.

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I turned around to Brother Lindsay and Brother Moore. I said, “Open up your Bibles.”

Said, “What’s the matter, Brother Branham?”

I said, “Turn to the flyleaf.”

Said, “What about it?”

I said, “Read.”

They said... begin to read out the description of the little boy.

I said, “Looky there. Look at these trees.” I said, “That’s the boy that I saw two years ago.” I said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD, if this little boy isn’t on his feet alive in five minutes, then I’m a false prophet.” Oh, my. I said, “Stand still.” And I told the audience. They didn’t believe it. I could see them touching one another. And so they made...

The interpreter was telling me what they were saying. Said, “Now we know he’s a fanatic.” But that didn’t stop it.

I turned around, just the way the Lord told me, and I said, “Heavenly Father, You Who cannot lie, in the homeland two years ago, You showed me this boy. And You showed me he was to come to life.” I said, “O God, now hear the prayer of Your servant. And death, you can’t hold him any longer. Give him back his life, for THUS SAITH THE LORD, he shall live again.” And the boy screamed, jumped on his feet, not even a bit sick or nothing, just as perfect as he could be.

Ich drehte mich um zu Bruder Lindsay und Bruder Moore. Ich sagte: "Öffnet eure Bibeln."

Er sagte: "Was ist los, Bruder Branham?"

Ich sagte: "Schlage das Zusatzblatt auf."

Er sagte: "Was ist damit?"

Ich sagte: "Lies."

Sie sagten - sie begannen, die Beschreibung des kleinen Jungen vorzulesen.

Ich sagte: "Sieh mal da. Sieh dir diese Bäume an." Ich sagte: "Das ist der Junge, den ich vor zwei Jahren gesehen habe." Ich sagte: "SO SPRICHT DER HERR, wenn dieser kleine Junge in fünf Minuten nicht wieder lebendig auf den Beinen ist, dann bin ich ein falscher Prophet." Oh, mein Gott. Ich sagte: "Steht still." Und ich sagte es dem Publikum. Sie glaubten es nicht. Ich konnte spüren -- berührten uns gegenseitig. Und so machten sie..... Der Dolmetscher sagte mir, was da gesagt wurde. Sie sagten: "Jetzt wissen wir, dass er ein Fanatiker ist." Aber das hat es nicht aufgehalten. Ich drehte mich um, genau wie der Herr es mir sagte; ich sagte: "Himmlischer Vater, du, der du nicht lügen kannst, in der Heimat vor zwei Jahren hast du mir diesen Jungen gezeigt. Und du hast mir gezeigt, dass er zum Leben zurückkommen würde." Ich sagte: "O Gott, jetzt hör das Gebet deines Dieners. Und Tod, du kannst ihn nicht länger halten. Gib ihm sein Leben zurück, denn SO SPRICHT DER HERR, er wird wieder leben." Und der Junge schrie, sprang auf die Füße, nicht einmal ein bisschen krank oder so, so perfekt wie er nur sein konnte.

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That went plumb down through Russia, went all through Russia. We was just a few miles from the border then, and that night when I was going in, there was Russian soldiers standing with a salute. Four soldiers had to... four Finnish soldiers had to take me about six blocks to get to the... down through the city, tried to get to the Messuhalli where we had the meeting. They were standing saluting, tears running down their cheeks. My interpreter said they were saying this: “We will receive a God like that. We’ll believe things like that.”

What’s the matter with Christianity is the weakness of the pulpit. Preachers are afraid to take God at His Word. Amen. True.

Das ging durch Russland hindurch. (Ging durch ganz Russland.) Wir waren damals nur ein paar Meilen von der Grenze entfernt, und in dieser Nacht, als ich hereinging, standen russische Soldaten zum Gruß. Vier Soldaten mussten -- vier finnische Soldaten, die mich etwa sechs Blocks weiterbringen mussten, um durch die Stadt zu gelangen, mussten zum Messuhalli gelangen, wo wir das Treffen hatten. Sie standen da und salutierten, Tränen liefen über ihr Gesicht. Mein Dolmetscher sagte, dass sie dieses sagten: "Wir werden einen solchen Gott annehmen / empfangen. Solche Dinge werden wir glauben."

Das, was mit dem Christentum los ist, ist die Schwäche der Kanzel. Prediger sind nicht bereit, Gott bei Seinem Wort zu nehmen. Amen. Das ist wahr.

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Now, I’ll never forget something happening. When I went in that night... Now, they’d give orders to nobody be on the street; couldn’t do more than speak to you (just to speak to me). I—I don’t like them to do that, but you’d have a stampede. And me keep in a room all the time, it’s just too bad.

And I remember, I was going in, and these little soldiers with knives, and I was walking between them. We went in, we went into a little room. As soon as we got in there a door slammed, and a poor little Finnish girl stood looking at me. She thought she had done wrong. She started quivering. I knew that child wanted to see me, she was crippled. She had a big—a big strap around her, had a big strap over her shoulder. One leg was shorter than the other. On her right leg, she didn’t have any use of her leg. So they had big braces on a built-up shoe.

Nun ich werde nicht vergessen, was dann geschah. Als ich in dieser Nacht hineinging..... Nun, sie haben die Verordnung gegeben, dass niemand auf der Straße sein sollte. Ich konnte nicht mehr tun, als mit dir zu sprechen (nur um mit mir zu sprechen.). Ich... ich mag es nicht, wenn sie das tun, aber du hättest eine Massenpanik. Und wir hatten die ganze Zeit im Raum gegessen....?..... zu schade.

Und ich erinnere mich, dass ich reingegangen bin. Und diese kleinen Soldaten mit Messern, und ich ging zwischen ihnen hindurch. Wir gingen rein - wir gingen in einen kleinen Raum. Als wir reinkamen, knallte eine Tür zu und ein armes kleines finnisches Mädchen stand da und sah mich an. Sie dachte, sie hätte etwas falsch gemacht. Sie fing an zu zittern. Ich wusste, dass dieses Kind mich sehen wollte, aber sie war ängstlich. Sie hatte einen großen - einen großen Gurt um sich herum, hatte einen großen Gurt über der Schulter. Ein Bein war kürzer als das andere. Auf ihrem rechten Bein hatte sie keinen Gebrauch von ihrem Bein. Also hatten sie große Klammern auf einem aufgebauten Schuh.

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I got... I’ll—I’ll demonstrate what it looked like. Around here was a big band. In the back was a—a leather strap, went over her shoulder, and this brace over her big shoe, put up this way, and hit on this band around here. She had two crutches. And the only way she could walk, now that strap would come across this way, and hooked to the toe of her shoe, and when she’d make a move, take her shoulder, lift up that leg and set it out like that, then she set her crutches out, lift up that leg, and that’s the way she walked.

Jetzt pass auf. Ich werde.... ich werde zeigen, wie es aussah. Hier gab es ein großes Band. Auf der Rückseite befand sich ein Lederriemen, der über ihre Schulter kam, und diese Klammer war über ihrem großen Schuh, so aufgestellt und auf dieses Band geschlagen. Sie hatte zwei Krücken, und die einzige Möglichkeit, wie sie gehen konnte, war, dass sie jetzt auf diesen Weg und nahe an der Zehe eines Schuhs stoßen musste, und wenn sie eine Bewegung machte, nahm sie ihre Schulter, hob das Bein hoch, stellte es so auf. Dann stellte sie ihre Krücken heraus und hob das Bein hoch, und so ging sie.

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And I noticed as she was standing there, her little ragged-looking hair, her little skirts was all ragged. I learned later that she was a little, Finnish war orphan. She had no father or mother; they were killed in the war; and she was just carried about, and charity had made her this big thing. And she looked at me, she ducked her little head down, and she looked up again; and that Finnish soldier...

The interpreter had went in the door. I couldn’t speak a word of Finnish, and they were pushing me on, “Come, go, go, go, go.”

I said, “No, no, no, no, no.” And two of them was against the wall, these other two behind me. I turned around to them, I said, “Shh.” And I said, this side, “Shh.” And they stopped and looked. And I looked at that little girl, I said, “Sweetheart, do you want to come to me?”

She couldn’t understand me, so I motioned to her. And she smiled, and here she come, moving that little leg. I just stood still, and I looked at her. And she got right up close to me, set her little crutches down. And I wondered what she was going to do. And her little ragged clothes, it—it just burnt my heart. And you know what she did? She took her little hand and took a hold my coat and kissed my pocket. I tell you, my heart would break. And she pulled her little skirts out, that’s the Finnish way for a little girl, she said... and she said, “Kiitos,” means “thank you.”

And I looked again, I thought, “O God, if I was the biggest hypocrite in the world, You would reward that child for that faith.” And I started to move this way, and I looked, and there went a vision: the little girl was walking normal. And I couldn’t tell her. I said, “Sweetheart, Jesus has healed you.” She didn’t know what I was talking about. I said, “Well, sooner or later she’ll find it out.”

Und ich bemerkte, wie sie dort stand, ihr kleines, zottig aussehendes Haar, ihr kleiner Rock waren ganz zerlumpt. Später erfuhr ich, dass sie eine kleine finnische Kriegswaise war. Sie hatte keinen Vater und keine Mutter; sie wurden im Krieg getötet. Und sie wurde einfach nur herumgetragen, und die Wohltätigkeit hatten ihr dieses große Ding gemacht. Und sie sah mich an; sie drückte ihren kleinen Kopf nach unten; und sie sah wieder auf; und dieser finnische Soldat....

Der Dolmetscher war durch die Tür gegangen. Ich konnte kein Wort Finnisch sprechen, und sie drängten mich weiter, ....?........ [Bruder Branham veranschaulicht.] Ich sagte: "Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein." Und zwei von ihnen waren an der Wand, die anderen beiden hinter mir. Ich drehte mich zu ihnen um und sagte: Psst, psst, psst. Und ich sagte.... diese Seite...... Shh. Und sie hielten an und sahen nach. Und ich sah das kleine Mädchen an und sagte: "Schatz, willst du zu mir kommen?" Sie konnte mich nicht verstehen, also machte ich eine Bewegung zu ihr. Und sie lächelte, und hier kommt sie und bewegt das kleine Bein. Ich stand einfach still und sah sie an. Und sie kam direkt auf mich zu, legte ihre kleinen Krücken ab. Und ich fragte mich, was sie vorhatte. Und ihre kleinen zerlumpten Kleider - es - es - es hat mir mein Herz angezündet. Und weißt du, was sie getan hat? Sie nahm ihre kleine Hand und nahm meinen Mantel und küsste meine Tasche. Ich sage dir, mein Herz wollte zerbrechen. Und sie zog an ihrem kleinen Rock, das ist der finnische Weg für ein kleines Mädchen. Sie sagte - und sie sagte, "Kiitos", bedeutet "Danke". Und ich sah wieder hin und sagte: "O Gott, wenn ich der größte Heuchler der Welt wäre, würdest du dieses Kind für diesen Glauben belohnen." Und ich fing an, mich in diese Richtung zu bewegen, und ich schaute. Und es gab eine Vision: Das kleine Mädchen ging normal; ich konnte es ihr nicht sagen. Ich sagte: "Liebling, Jesus hat dich geheilt." Sie wusste nicht, wovon ich sprach. Ich sagte: "Früher oder später wird sie es herausfinden."

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So I went on in, and that night, when the boys came to me (great piles of crutches laying; how the Lord had healed them), and—and they said, “It’s time for you to go.”

I said, “Let me call just a few more cards.” So you know what happened? The next one that I called was that little girl. So they set her up on the platform. I thought, “Oh, here it is.” So here she come. I said to the interpreter, “Now, just say what I say.” I said, “Sweetheart, out there in the hall, Jesus healed you. Now, you go over there and sit down. And when the... Let some man take this thing off of you. Put your hands on your hips, and move—and move your hands right down as they take the brace, until you feel your legs the same size. Then come back and show me.”

So we started to call someone else. In a few moments, here she come, braces and crutches in her hand, running as hard as she could run, perfectly normal and well. Jesus Christ had made her well.

Also ging ich hinein, und in dieser Nacht, als die Jungen zu mir kamen, lagen große Stapel von Krücken - wie der Herr sie geheilt hatte -, dann sagten sie: "Es ist Zeit für dich zu gehen."

Ich sagte: "Lass mich nur noch ein paar weitere Karten nehmen." Wißt ihr, was passiert ist? Das nächste, das ich aufrief, war das kleine Mädchen. Also haben sie sie auf der Plattform aufgestellt. Ich dachte: "Oh, hier ist es." Also, da kommt sie. Ich sagte zum Dolmetscher: "Jetzt sag einfach, was ich sage." Ich sagte: "Liebling, da draußen in der Halle hat Jesus dich geheilt. Jetzt gehst du da rüber und setzt dich hin. Und wenn sie..... Lass dir von einem Mann dieses Ding abnehmen. Lege deine Hände auf deine Hüfte und bewege dich - und bewege deine Hände direkt nach unten, während sie die Klammer nehmen, bis du spürst, dass dein Bein die gleiche Größe hat. Dann komm zurück und zeig es mir."

Also fingen wir an, jemand anderen aufzurufen. Einen kurzen Augenblicken später - hier kommt sie, Klammern und Krücken in der Hand, so schnell sie konnte, ganz normal und gesund. Jesus Christus hatte sie gesund gemacht.

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I got just to tell you about the other boy, just take a moment or two. Listen. The second day passed. The little boy never gained conscious, and that little mother was frantic. When they’d start to take me in the hotel at night, the managers would have to pick me up by the arms and pull me over the top of her. The little mother, about twenty-five, and she was just frantic. So then she said she wanted me to go pray for her boy. So the next day I had her... I had them to bring her up, she and her husband. And I said to them, “What do you want?”

She said, “Go heal my little boy, kind sir.”

And I said, “I can’t.”

“Why,” she said, “you healed the other little boy.”

I said, “No. Over in the homeland God showed me a vision.”

She said, “Then see vision for my little boy.” That’s a mother.

I said, “That’s mighty sweet, but I can’t make visions come. Jesus gives them.” And I said, “Are you a Christian?”


“Is the—the father Christian?”


I said, “Why don’t you become Christians? I’ll tell you why. Because if the little boy dies, he’s just a little boy, he’ll go to Heaven. But if you die, and not a Christian, you’ll never see him again. Now, why don’t you be a Christian, and in doing so, you might find favor with God. If you want to find favor with me, or with someone else, you do something for them, be kind to them. And like the—the people did the prophets and so forth, and the apostles; approach Him reverently.”

Ich muss dir nun von dem anderen Jungen erzählen. Dauert nur ein oder zwei Minuten. Hör zu. Der zweite Tag verging. Der kleine Junge hatte nicht sein Bewusstsein wiedererlangt, und diese kleine Mutter war verzweifelt. Als sie begannen, mich nachts ins Hotel zu bringen, mussten die Manager mich an den Armen nehmen und mich über sie ziehen. Die kleine Mutter, etwa fünfundzwanzig, und sie war einfach nur verzweifelt. Also sagten sie.... sie sagte.... Sie wollte, dass ich für ihren Jungen bete. Am nächsten Tag wollte ich sie - wollte ich, dass sie sie herbringen, sie und ihren Mann. Und ich sagte zu ihnen: "Was wollt ihr?"

Sie sagte: "Geh und heile meinen kleinen Jungen, gütiger Herr."

Und ich sagte: "Ich kann nicht."

"Warum", sagte sie, "hast du den anderen kleinen Jungen geheilt."

Ich sagte: "Nein. Drüben in der Heimat zeigte mir Gott eine Vision."

Sie sagte: "Dann sieh eine Vision von meinem kleinen Jungen." Das ist eine Mutter.

Ich sagte: "Das ist sehr nett, aber ich kann keine Visionen kommen lassen. Er gibt sie einfach." Und ich sagte: "Bist du ein Christ?"

" Nein."

"Ist der... der Vater Christ?"

" Nein."

Ich sagte: "Warum werdet ihr nicht Christen? Ich sage dir, warum. Weil, wenn der kleine Junge stirbt, er ist einfach nur ein kleiner Junge; er wird in den Himmel kommen. Aber wenn du stirbst und kein Christ bist, wirst du ihn nie wieder sehen. Nun, warum seid ihr nicht Christen, und dabei könntet ihr bei Gott Gefallen finden. Wenn du bei mir oder bei jemand anderem Gefallen finden musst, tust du etwas für ihn - sei nett zu ihm. Und wie die - das Volk tat es den Propheten und so weiter, und die Apostel. Nähere dich Ihm ehrfürchtig."

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So they seen they couldn’t lose, so they got down on their knees and had a real conversion. The father kissed his wife, started home. But the little mother said, “Now, go heal my boy.”

I said, “Sister, it’s against the campaign rule for me to make a private call. In years of travel, we find it this way: If you go to one, and not another, it’ll cause hard feelings.” I said, “If the Lord leads me, that’s different. But I can’t go just like that.” I said—I said, “Think, there’s over ten thousand of them now wanting me come.” I said, “You just go home. Jesus can give me a vision here in this room as same as He could over there.”

She listened, she said, “Go see vision.”

I said, “No.” I said, “You go, and if He gives me a vision... He might not do it. He may never do it, but if He does, I’ll call you up.”

“All right.” She went home.

About ten minutes later, phone rang. The interpreter picked it up, “Has Brother Branham seen vision?”

“No.” Hung it back up.

About ten minutes again, rang again, “Brother Branham seen vision?”

“No.” Hang it up; just kept on, on and on.

So sahen sie, dass sie nichts verlieren konnten, also gingen sie auf die Knie und hatten eine echte Bekehrung. Der Vater küsste seine Frau, ging nach Hause. Aber die kleine Mutter sagte: "Jetzt gehe und heile meinen Jungen."

Ich sagte: "Schwester, es verstößt gegen die Kampagnen-Regeln, einen privaten Anruf zu machen." In Jahren des Reisens finden wir es so: Nun, wenn du zu einem gehst und nicht zu einem anderen, wird es schlechte / harte Gefühle verursachen." Ich sagte: "Wenn der Herr mich führt, ist das anders. Aber ich kann nicht einfach so gehen." Ich sagte: "Denke daran, dass über zehntausend von ihnen jetzt wollen, dass ich komme." Ich sagte: "Du gehst einfach nach Hause. Jesus kann mir hier in diesem Raum eine Vision geben, so wie er sie mir dort drüben <zu Hause> gab."

Sie hörte zu; sie sagte: "Geh, sehe eine Vision."

Ich sagte: "Nein." Ich sagte: "Du gehst, und wenn Er mir eine Vision gibt.... Er wird es vielleicht nicht tun. Er wird es vielleicht nie tun. Und wenn er es tut, rufe ich dich an."

"In Ordnung." Sie ist nach Hause gegangen.

Etwa zehn Minuten später klingelte das Telefon. Der Dolmetscher nahm ab: "Hat Bruder Branham eine Vision gesehen?"

" Nein." Legte wieder auf.

Noch etwa zehn Minuten, dann klingelte es wieder: "Hat Bruder Branham eine Vision gesehen?"

" Nein." Legte es wieder auf. Immer weiter, immer weiter.

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That night, when I come in, I—I had this same Bible over my heart. One of my brothers was with me, by the name of Howard. So he said to me, “Billy, you remember some bad candy we got in Canada?” Said, “You think that was flat, taste this,” two little pieces of chocolate.

I said, “Thank you.” I usually stay by myself in the hotel because of the visions. So Mrs. Isaacson and them went to their room. Each one went to their room. So I went in. It was way up near the midnight sun; it’s up on the midnight, you can read the newspaper on the street. It doesn’t get dark that time of year. So I went over to the window. Now, listen close before I close.

In dieser Nacht, als ich hereinkam, hatte ich die gleiche Bibel über meinem Herzen. Einer meiner Brüder war bei mir mit dem Namen Howard. Er sagte zu mir: "Billy, erinnerst du dich an schlechte Süßigkeiten, die wir in Kanada bekommen haben?" Er sagte: "Du denkst, das war nichts, probiere das": zwei kleine Stücke Schokolade.

Ich sagte: "Danke." Normalerweise übernachte ich wegen der Visionen allein in einem Hotel. Also gingen Frau Isaacson mit ihnen auf ihre Zimmer. Jeder von ihnen ging in sein Zimmer....?........ Also ging ich hinein; es war weit oben in der Nähe der Mitternachtssonne. Wenn man um Mitternacht wach ist, kann man die Zeitung auf der Straße lesen. Zu dieser Jahreszeit wird es nicht dunkel. Also ging ich zum Fenster hinüber. Jetzt hört genau zu, wir schließen.

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I looked over to... out the window, here come hundreds of those little Finns down through the park, praising God. I stood there, and I said, “Dear God, some glorious day Jesus will come, and He’ll make all things well. Oh,” I said, “I love You, Lord. You’re wonderful, Lord. And I love You with all my heart. Won’t You be merciful?”

And I heard something: kept going, [Brother Branham knocks twice.] And I looked, setting on a table, and there was a vase. It had two flowers in it. One of them down this way towards the south, was about halfway down. The one towards the north was hanging all the way down. And I said, “Where’d that come from?”

And I looked around, and here stood by my side that great one, Angel, big man, white robe on, dark hair to his shoulders, had his arms folded, and he was looking at me. He said, “What did your brother give you?”

I said, “Two pieces of candy, sir.”

He said, “Eat them.”

And I picked up a piece, put it in my mouth, and I started eating, swallowed it, taste good. And just then, this flower that was leaning towards the north, made a noise, went, “whew, whew,” raised up. And I looked at it, and I thought, “What was that?” Geographically, that’s just the way both boys fell: one to the south, one to the north. The one to the north is the one had been raised from the dead.

He said, “Eat the other piece.” I put it in my mouth, I started chewing it. Oh, it was bitter. I started take it out, and I heard something. I looked at this other flower, it was going, “Tuhh, tuhh, tuhh,” going down.

He said, “Eat that.” I put it back in my mouth, held my breath, eat it real fast. I swallowed, and when I swallowed, the other one went “Phew, phewwt,” raised up, stood right by the other one.

And I said, “What meaneth this?”

Said, “Go, call that mother.” Hallelujah! “And say, ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD,’ God has heard her prayer, and the baby’s going to be all right.”

Ich schaute aus dem Fenster, hier kommen Hunderte von diesen kleinen Finnen durch den Park und preisen Gott. Ich stand da und sagte: "Lieber Gott, eines Tages wird Jesus kommen, und er wird alles wieder gut machen. Oh," sagte ich, "Ich liebe dich, Herr. Du bist wunderbar, Herr. Und ich liebe Dich von ganzem Herzen. Wirst du nicht barmherzig sein?"

Und ich hörte etwas. Es war in dieser Weise [Bruder Branham klopft zweimal an-Ed.]. Und ich schaut; und auf einem Tisch, da war eine Vase. Es waren zwei Blumen drin. Eine von ihnen war ausgerichtet nach Süden und hing etwa halb herunter. Die, die Richtung Norden ausgerichtet war, hing ganz herunter. Und ich sagte: "Wo kommt das her?" Und ich sah mich um, und hier stand an meiner Seite dieser Große, Engel, großer Mann, weißes Gewand, dunkles Haar auf seinen Schultern, hatte seine Arme gefaltet, und er sah mich an. Er sagte: "Was hat dir dein Bruder gegeben?"

Ich sagte: "Zwei Stück Süßigkeiten, Herr."

Er sagte: "Iss sie."

Und ich hob ein Stück auf, steckte es in meinen Mund und fing an zu essen. Schluckte es: schmeckte gut. Und gerade dann machte diese Blume, die nach Norden ausgerichtet war, ein Geräusch; es ging, "whew, whew, whew", [Bruder Branham bläst in das Mikrofon - Ed.] und sie erhob sich. Und ich schaute hinüber und dachte: "Was war das?" Geografisch gesehen ist das genau die Weise, wie die beide Jungen fielen: einer Richtung Süden, einer Richtung Norden. Der nördliche ist der, der von den Toten auferweckt wurde. Er sagte: "Iss das andere Stück." Ich steckte es in meinen Mund und fing an, es zu kauen. Oh, es war bitter. Ich fing an, es herauszunehmen.

Nun, hier ist etwas. Ich sah mir diese andere Blume an, sie ging so "Tuhh...??....[Bruder Branham schlägt auf die Kanzel --Ed.] weiter herunter, weiter nach unten. Er sagte: "Iss das." Ich steckte es wieder in meinen Mund, hielt den Atem an, aß es ganz schnell; ich schluckte es, und als ich es schluckte, machte die andere "Puh" [Bruder Branham bläst in das Mikrofon], sie erhob sich, und stand direkt neben der anderen. Und ich sagte: "Was bedeutet das?"

Er sagte: "Geh, ruf die Mutter an." Hallelujah. "Und sag: "SO SPRICHT DER HERR," Gott hat ihr Gebet erhört, und das Baby wird wieder gesund."

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I rushed quickly to the phone. I let out a big scream, and as I let out a scream, that... everybody begin screaming and running. And when I got down there, I said, “Go, call the lady.”

And when they went and called her... They called at the hospital, said the baby was dying. So they got the mother to the phone. And when they told her, you know what happened? She was screaming to the top of her voice. She said, “Brother Branham, the baby has come to, and we’re taking it home now. The doctor can’t find nothing wrong with him.” Praise be to God.

Did I have anything to do with that? No. The mother’s prayer saved the child. I only done what I seen to do. What is it? Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Shall we pray?

Ich eilte schnell zum Telefon. Ich ließ einen großen Schrei los, und als ich einen Schrei losließ, fingen alle an zu schreien und zu rennen. Und als ich dort unten ankam, sagte ich: "Geh, ruf die Dame an." Und als sie gingen und sie anriefen, riefen sie im Krankenhaus an und sagten, dass das Baby im Sterben lag. Also haben sie die Mutter ans Telefon geholt, und als sie es ihr gesagt haben, weißt du, was passiert ist? Sie schrie mit lauter Stimme. Sie sagte: "Bruder Branham, das Baby ist wieder zu sich gekommen, und wir bringen es jetzt nach Hause. Der Arzt kann nichts finden, was mit ihm verkehrt ist. Gelobt sei Gott." Hatte ich etwas damit zu tun? Nein. Das Gebet der Mutter rettete das Kind. Ich habe nur getan, was ich gesehen habe, was ich tun sollte. Was ist es? Jesus Christus, derselbe gestern, heute und für immer. Sollen wir beten?

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Dear Heavenly Father, come now, will You? Oh, as my heart looks back, and I think of those golden days up there among those lovely, faithful people, great signs and wonders You did, different parts of the world, I’m wondering, some glorious day we’ll all meet again. Oh, what a time that’ll be. We’re so thankful that Jesus came.

Now, many are here tonight. Lord, I wished I could heal them. The doctors wish they could do something for them. God, help them doctors as they are ministering with all their heart. We pray that You’ll give them wisdom. These people want to live. But, Father, many of them are out of the reach of the doctors. You’re the only One that can help now. Oh, won’t You do it for them? Come tonight. I—I have told them that You healed them when You died at Calvary. And when You were here, You just claimed to do what the Father told You.

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God, once more, while we’re leaving this lovely nation, give them, once more, a—a loving blessing of Your Presence that’s with them. God, bless this little nation. You’ve put Your hands upon them. You’ve shielded it from war, and You’ve helped them. O God, may they be grateful to You for everything. Now, in time of war, we hear that this was like a hospital. O Great Physician, come into the hospital that the people might see You.

Now, dear Heavenly Father, may it be, tonight, like it was with those who came from Emmaus. You walked with them all day. They didn’t recognize You. They didn’t know It was You. And many here has walked with You, and they don’t realize it. But, Father, the way they realized it then, it’s the way that You done something; You—You done it different, just different from other men. Now, won’t You do it again tonight, Lord, just something different tonight, that they may know, like those at Emmaus, that it was You. I believe they’ll receive You and go home rejoicing like those did, for we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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Dear Christian friend, here we are, the last night of my part of the service. Let’s come to Him now. Let’s believe Him with all of our heart. Let’s not have one bit of doubt in our heart. I believe that you know He’s here. I want to see you, well, so bad. I’ve done all I know how to do. I believe Jesus has done as much as He can do. I don’t know nothing else He could do. Now, let’s believe Him. (How many... What’s them cards now?)

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They give out prayer cards. Let’s call prayer card D, D, one to fifty. Now, who has prayer card D, number one? Raise up your hand. Now, there’s three hands up, should only be one. D, one? All right, come here, lady. All right, come over here. All right. D, two? Raise up your hand. D, two? Tell them to wait real quiet, real quiet. That’s the reason we give prayer cards. Keep reverent. Keep real reverent. All right.

Now, you all look this way to me. Look this way, everyone. Now listen, when your number is called, don’t raise up. Just raise up your hand. Now, who has D, number one? D, number two? Raise up your hand. D, number two? All right. D, number three? Maybe somebody’s deaf. Some of the ushers look at these cards along here. D, number three? Look at each other’s card. See if it’s... D, three, would you raise your hand? Has he... All right. D, four, D, four? Raise up your... All right. All right, over here. D, five? Over here? D, six? Seven? Eight? Eight? Nine? Nine? Ten? D, ten? Ten? Ten? Eleven? Eleven? Eleven? D, twelve? All right, come on. [Blank spot on tape.] ...?...

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How many want God to heal you? Anywhere in the building right... [Blank spot on tape.] I want to pray over these handkerchiefs. You want to join with me, Brother Bosworth?

Our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the order of laying handkerchiefs on each other ...?... Thy Word has said so. We believe Your Word. O God, as I kneel here with this old patriarch servant of Yours, hear our prayer, our love to these people... [Blank spot on tape.] ...that You placed in our heart, You left the Holy Spirit here with faith believing. And we send the handkerchiefs to them, in Jesus’ Name, that You’ll heal each one. Amen.

...?... Didn’t mean to ...?... That’s good. Here, let me... [Brother Branham speaks to the interpreter, away from the microphone, while they are moving something.]

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All right. Now, everyone real reverent. They’re trying to check with the doctor or something, about the lady that was sick. If he thinks she’s fixing to die, let’s talk to Jesus about that first, see what He says. Amen.

A—a prayer line...(Where’s...? Somebody go down there. Go down, brother, if you will. All right, take their card.)

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Now, I want you to look this way. And I want you to believe with all your heart. I want you to really believe. Now, if there was anything that I could do to help you, for you to be well, I’d do everything I could to do it. Now, I can’t do it. The only thing that I can do, be like your doctor: If you had something wrong, and he had a medicine for that, he’d measure out that medicine, and give it to you. That’s all he can do. Next is up to God. If you had something to be operated, he’d operate; commit the rest to God. He couldn’t heal the patient, he could only take out the thing was hurting. He couldn’t heal; commit the rest to God.

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Now, God has give men a—a gift to preach. They preach, telling you Jesus died to save you. You believe it, you’ll be saved. The men can’t save you; you have to accept what Jesus done. They preach to you and tell you Jesus died for your sickness. Then if you can’t believe that, then He set gifts in the church by His Spirit.

Now, He sent me with a gift, as to see visions. And He works through His church, just as He showed me visions. What’s it to do? Build your faith up so that you can believe and be healed. Now, friends, I’m not here as a deceiver. You know that. Surely you do. What business I got here if it isn’t from my heart? I’m here to help you. So I’m doing all that I know how to get you to believe Jesus.

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Now, here’s a lady standing here. I’ve never seen her in my life. She’s perfect stranger. And now Jesus, what if He was standing here, just standing where I am, and she was looking at Him? Now, she may be that she’s got domestic trouble. I don’t know what she would want. Let’s say she is sick, if Jesus was standing here, and she’d say, “Jesus, will You heal me?” What would Jesus have to say to her?

He’d say, “Child, I’ve already done it. Don’t you believe My Word? I healed you when I died at Calvary.” That’s all He could do. Or, He might be able to talk to her, and if the Father would show Him something to tell her, He would do that; that would build up her faith.

Now, look when He talked to the woman at the well. He begin to speak to her, and she was a stranger. And He could... He told her what was wrong with her. “Why,” she said, “I—I perceive that You’re a prophet.” She didn’t think of that being God setting there in a human, dressed like a man. And she said, “I know when Messiah, the Christ comes, that’ll be the sign that’ll follow Him. But Who are You?”

He said, “I am He.”

Now, all through the Bible that’s what Jesus did. And if He’s raised from the dead, He’ll do it again. Is that right? Say, “Amen,” if it is. Now, we’ll let this lady be the judge.

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Now, I’m going to ask her if we know each other. I have no way of knowing anything about you. Perfect stranger. Is that right? Now, how would I know about this woman? God knows I don’t know her. But I know there’s Something near here now, that Angel that you seen on the picture tonight. (Show this; might be easier ...?... Pull around here.)

How many ever see the Angel of the Lord? Raise up your hand. Never did see It? Raise your hand. There It is. That was taken in America. See the Pillar of Fire? The best scientists in the world has examined that. It hangs in a Hall of Religious Art with a scientific—scientific research. It’s the only supernatural Being was ever photographed in all the world. Thanks be to God. Now, that’s what is here. Now, you seen that Pillar of Fire, didn’t you? Listen, I don’t know when I’ll ever see you again, but that same Pillar of Fire isn’t two feet from where I’m standing right now. Amen.

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Now, It’s not me. It’s Him. Now, He knows this woman. He knows all about her. So if I be His eyes, or, He uses my eyes, and my voice to try to encourage His child, we thank God for it. Then that ought to make every one of you thankful. Wouldn’t it make you thankful? Say, “Amen.”

Now, if God will do that for this woman, will every one of you believe Him? With all your heart? Now look, friend, you’ll have to admit It’s a supernatural Being, so your approach to It will determine what you’ll get from It. So have faith. I want, talk to the woman.

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Now, are we being strangers, sister? Never seen each other before? I know nothing of you? But you realize that God knows you and He knows me. Now, you’re here for something. I don’t know, but He does. And if He will reveal to me what you’re here for, will you accept Him as Jesus Christ, the Son of God, that can give you what your desire is? You believe it? Amen.

The first thing, I see the lady, between she and I is that Light. She’s beginning to fade out. I see her as she goes back, merely a girl. And she’s real nervous. She’s been nervous all of her life. I see it following her. Even in school days, she was nervous. She’s ...?... also nearsighted. She is in school. She holds her books close, and when she takes it back; she’s been nearsighted. Then I see her as a young woman, she’s failing in health. It’s into her lungs. She has—she has been to a doctor, and the doctor has said that it’s very bad. One lung is gone, and the other one is almost gone, and you’re standing in a dying condition. THUS SAITH THE LORD.

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Now, lady, you heard me speaking. That wasn’t me. That was that Angel. Was it right? If it was, raise your hand. Do you believe now? Amen.

Now, what’s the next thing I can do? Lay my hands on the woman and ask for her life to be spared. For what—what else... what would that do to her? Back to the Bible: Jesus said, that, “Insomuch as you’ve done to the least of these My little ones, you have done it unto Me.” He said, “These signs shall follow them that believe; they’ll lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover.” Then that the woman knows that Something is close, she sees it by scientific re-... by proof. She feels It on her own body.

Watch me. I’m going to ask her. Lady, isn’t there a strange feeling to you now? Real sweet, loving feeling? That’s that Light. It’s hanging right over you; It’s trying to find where the faith is laying. Scientifically, it’s proved. By feelings, it’s proved. By revelation, it’s proved. Jesus said, “In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established.” The Bible said it would be. The picture says it’s so. Her feeling says it’s so. And the revelation of the Lord says it’s so. There’s four positive witnesses. It has to be so.

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Now, could I heal her? No. Only her faith in God can do it. Will you pray with me while I lay hands on her? For the lady’s in a dying condition, and she’s just a child. She’s young, that she’s got her life before her. She wants to live. She wants to live like you want to live. Mother, what if that was your girl? Dad, what if that was your child? Brother, what if that was your sister or your wife? You’d want everybody to be sincere, and that’s what we want to be. She’s somebody’s child.

Dear Heavenly Father, realizing that this is a crucial time for my sister. Oh, will You show mercy, God? With my hands laid upon her, the only thing can save her life is a creative act of You. O God, You can grow those lungs back. Grant that it will be so. I condemn this devil of tuberculosis.

O you demon, you’ve hid from God, or, from the doctor, but you can’t hide from God. Come out of the woman, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, that’s it. Now is the time. Right now you feel fine. That’s right. Now it’s gone from you. Now, keep believing. Go back to your doctor, watch what he tells you. Just eat all you can eat. Gain weight again. Weigh yourself tomorrow. Another week, weigh yourself again. Then write me a letter. Amen. God bless you. God bless you ...?... That’s right ...?...

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Now, everybody real reverent. Have faith. Oh, what could happen? It ought to be settled right now. Praise God. Everybody ought to have faith. Could be now, but let’s pray for a few more. (I’ve got a few come up. Have all of them come into... All—all but number three.) Everybody’s in the line.

Now, lady, we are strangers to each other. Jesus knows you. Do you believe that Jesus the Son of God, if He was standing here... He is. That’s what you’re feeling right now.

I want the audience, watch the expressions on the patient’s face when that strikes them. The lady knows Something’s around her. She’s aware of that.

I see you got trouble. It’s in your side and in your back. Isn’t that right? It’s the left side. That’s right. It’s a tumor in the left side and in the back. That right. You believe Jesus will heal you? Come.

Dear God, be merciful to our sister. And may this horrible demon... [Blank spot on tape.] ...?...

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And it come a great goiter. And then you had that goiter taken out by a surgery. And since they have taken it out, now you’re getting a bad effect. You are almost going blind. Your eyes are going bad. And you’re getting weak spells and nervousness, and many things taking place. That is true. You believe Jesus can heal you?

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray in Jesus’ Name, have mercy upon this woman. You had some reason to stand her up here tonight. O God, be merciful to her, and spare her, and heal her, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

God bless you, my sister.

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Now, I’m not beside myself. It just makes me weak. Such a feeling in that audience; every spirit is subject right now. You, who feel strange towards this, I feel you. I know you’re here. What a feeling.

O Jesus!

That’s the Son of God. He’s near. There’s many of you believing tonight. Don’t be discouraged. I believe with all my heart, great healings are going to take place.

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Now, to the lady... Now, we could just bring the whole line of them. We just keep doing the same thing. But let’s talk to the lady, just this one, one more. And let’s just see what the Holy Spirit will tell her. Now, the lady is—is a stranger.

Now, lady, so the people won’t think it’s psychology, take your mind off of what you’re here for. Think of something else that has nothing to do with it. Now, I want you to believe Jesus. And if Jesus will tell me what your trouble is, will you accept it, and believe with all your heart?

Now, you’re aware that I don’t know you, never seen you in my life. But as certain as I’m a minister, on the platform, I want to ask you something. About one minute ago when I was speaking to you, Something settled over you (That right?) as a feeling. Raise your hand. That’s right. Amen. That’s the Angel of the Lord. Now, believe. You are suffering with nervousness. Then you got a... I see them examine the heart. You’ve got a heart trouble. Then you got something wrong in the liver. Something’s in the liver, it examined. You’re under a doctor’s care with medicine and doctors. And I see your doctor as he’s shaking his head. He—he told you that you were... He’s taken something about a fever, about a fever, fever. And he—he doesn’t know what that fever... how it come. He can’t understand what that fever’s about. That’s right. Yes. See? Uh-huh. Amen. Jesus does. Come, mother.

O God, be merciful to my sister. I pray that You’ll heal her, Lord ...?... Thy Holy Spirit. Now, soothe every nerve and make her well, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, God bless you. You’re welcome.

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Praise the Lord. If thou canst believe. Why can’t you believe? Audience, why can’t you believe? Our God is here to heal you. You believe that? Sure, He is. Have faith in Him.

What about it, mother? Going to believe now?

What about it, sister, right behind? You going to believe? If you could, you could eat again. God would make you well.

What do you think, little sister, setting there looking at me with heart trouble, setting there with a little black band around your hat? You got heart trouble, haven’t you? You were praying, and you were asking God to make you well, weren’t you? That’s right. You can have it. God will make you well.

Sister, you believe me to be God’s servant? The reason I say that, see, He told me, “If you get the people to believe you.” Not believe me as He, but believe that He sent me. Will you do something for me? Would you lay your hand on that lady next to you, over there? Right, no, the next one, the other side. That lady is setting there very sick. She’s got liver trouble in the liver. And you want to be healed, don’t you, lady? That’s right. Wave your hand if you do. Amen. Now, I’m going to ask prayer for you.

Jesus, Son of God, heal them. Their faith pulls this way. But it’s still dark around them, Father. Oh, move the darkness and make them well, in Jesus’ Name.

Satan, leave them, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Now, look. Now, the Lord bless you. The same darkness that was around you has gone from you. Faith, if thou canst believe, all things are possible.

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The lady setting right here looking at me, she’s saying, “Lord, have him call me.” You have a heart trouble, too. That right? You have heart trouble. You believe, with heart trouble? That believes with all your heart? You do? Then you can be healed, also. Amen.

Now, you got blood disease, setting right there. You believe Jesus will make you well, setting right down there? Yes? You believe? Yes? All right. Your faith heals you. Amen. Just have faith.

Right here, see that Light hanging yonder? It’s about four rows up. Got arthritis, haven’t you, right out there at the end? Do you believe Jesus make you well? If you believe, you can receive. All right. You believe it? Amen. Then you can have it.

Here’s another setting right here with arthritis. You believe? You can have it. Amen. You believe right down there with that head trouble, setting right back there with trouble with your head? You believe? Then you can have it. Amen.

Oh, He’s here. Right here. Do you believe?

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Here sets a lady, the second one in, about four rows back, that’s got nervous trouble. You believe Jesus will make you well? Amen. You can have it. Amen.

There sets a lady right back there, got trouble with her legs, in her legs. Do you believe? Stand up on your feet. Jesus makes you well. Amen. Have faith. Have faith, don’t doubt.

Setting right here, got epilepsy. You believe that God will heal you and make you well? If you do, you can have it. Amen. Hallelujah.

Setting right yonder, with that lady’s trouble, setting back a little bit, with the lady’s... Yeah, back there with the lady’s trouble, setting just behind here. Right here, the lady is trying to stand up. That’s right, lady. Amen. You can have your healing. Hallelujah. Believe Him.

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Look over in this way. Here goes It through here. Here, It’s right here. There’s a man standing back here with prostate trouble. Do you believe that—that Jesus will make you well? You can have what you ask for. Amen. Hallelujah.

Can’t you believe Him? Oh, my. See? Now It’s just going everywhere. Let’s see if we can get a few more in the prayer line.

Come. You believe? With all your heart? A while ago, you were setting right back there. This afternoon while I was preaching, you were looking at me. You are a believer. You have a lady’s trouble. You were healed this afternoon while you were setting back there. Something come over you. Is that right? That’s...

Just look out there; here It goes all over the audience. I’m going to ask you something. Every lady that’s got lady’s trouble like that, stand up on your feet right quick. Stand up on your feet, every one of you. There He is. You remain standing. Jesus that can heal here, can heal there.

O God, in Jesus’ Name.

Satan, you’re condemned. Leave these women, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.

Go home and be well, every one of you, in God’s Name.

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Come. You believe? With all your heart? Here, everyone, It’s in the audience. Here’s something new. Everyone that’s suffering with kidney trouble in your back, stand up. Got kidney trouble... Looky there. Here’s what the lady’s got. Them demons are calling for help. I can’t single you out. Look at you. It’s just all over you. Let’s pray.

O God, in Jesus’ Name, condemn the devil.

Satan, come out of them, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

God bless you. Go and be well. Amen.

Let us say, “Praise the Lord.” Believe with all your heart. Does everybody believe? You believe? Hallelujah. Jesus never fails.

Do you believe, lady, setting here with rheumatism? You believe Jesus will make you well? You believe that He’ll heal you? He can if you believe. There’s only one thing to do, that would be accept Him, and you could stand to your feet and be made well. Oh, my. Why can’t you?

Oh, people, the whole building’s just, to my way of seeing it, it’s lit up with the power of God. It’s just over your head. I believe you can be healed. Look. I condemn every doubt, in Jesus Christ’s Name. This is your hour, every one of you all along here, stand up and get yours. Looky here, coming up out of their chairs, everybody.

O God, praise be to the Lord. Oh, we thank You, Father.

Satan, we condemn thee; you’re lost. In Jesus’ Name, leave this audience.

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